Fear of having the blanket off of me / open doors when I sleep

by Rachel

For some reason I can't sleep unless my bedroom door is closed and locked and if my blanket is covering my body (excluding my head). I just feel that if there isn't a blanket over my body, any part of my body that is exposed is susceptible to being cut off or something evil may grab me and drag me away. Is there a name for this? Why am I this way? It's so annoying sometimes because I'll get hot and I have to strip down nearly naked just to be comfortable because my blanket cannot be off me when I sleep unless I'm sleeping with my boyfriend or something.. or there is another person in the same room with me.

And also seeing any open doors, curtains, closets, etc while I'm trying to sleep freaks me out too.. it feels like a bad person/thing is watching me. Does anyone else have this problem?

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