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by: Anonymous

I agree completely and I can't even stand the smell of these things...

Thought I was the only one
by: Robert

If feel the same way to with wood , Popsicles wood, napkin , papers.
I've tried to overcome the fear but I always get this gag reflex and my whole face just crumbles up and I start to rub my tongue against my teeth.
I know a phobie called papyphobie but its more of you're afraid of paper sizes or shapes do anyone know what this phobies name is and how you can overcome it ??

i have it too!!!
by: Anonymous

This so sucks... i don't know why,, but everyone describes finger nails on a chalkboard as being unbearable, well i can handle that, but dont put paper anywhere near my mouth...I'm assuming this has to be a vitamin deficiency. im really not sure but it weirds me out!! This first started when i was a kid and would eat ice cream cones with a napkin around it.. i would accidently bite the napkin and my whole body would shiver...its so gross!! yikes.... totally unexplainable.. going to do more research.. your post was the first i came to...hope its not that rare..

paper phob

I feel the same way about wood!
by: Anonymous

I cant put wood near my mouth either! I don't mind paper cups or napkins but chopsticks near my mouth make me gag. Ive become an expert at using them without letting them touch my mouth only because I'm in situations i have to use them so often. I can't eat popsicles anymore either. . . I also don't like touching them or feeling the wood on any part of me or seeing someone else rub it on something. It makes every hair on my body stand on end.

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