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by: Anonymous

I have a serious fear of having my feet cut off too. I have to wear socks to bed and have them wrapped up in my blankets with and extra blanket on top of that to feel secure enough to sleep. Whenever I tell people they just laugh at me too, and I guess I can see where it would be funny to hear about it, but it can be very stressful when it comes time for sleep.

Just my toes
by: Anonymous

Mine is just my toes and I can't have my feet out from my blanket if some one grabs my toes Whin I sleep I will Freak kick a hert my self caz I kiked the wall or the end of my bead

by: Anonymous

OHMYGOSH ! I have to have my feet under the covers at all times.

by: Anonymous

I think, I know where your phobia comes from: the movie Misery. Remember the scene where the the writer wakes up and himself tied up, with the crazy fan trying to cut off his feet?
Well, that is the cause of your phobia. It is a movie, try to relax, trust me no one is real life is trying to cut off your hands or feet.
Next. If you read Steven King novels, try reading something else.

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