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scared of hair since i was a child
by: Anonymous

I'm a lady and my fear of hair started when I was I kid. I used to have an impulse to eat my hair then I was told that if I kept doing that they would have to remove the hair from my stomach surgically. After I learned that over the years my fear grew so big I couldn't have hair on my body and even shaved my head for several years. The fear isn't that bad anymore, I've got 4 inches of hair on my head and I can grow hair on my arms now. But I do have those anxiety feelings where I pull out my head hair, usually after a shower that fear sets in and I feel like I have to pull out my hair before I brush it. Hair in my mouth no longer makes me vomit, but I still gag. I got a cat to help me get over the fear of hair and it just made a new fear of getting cat hair in my private areas. I'm not sure if this will go away, but I feel at ease that its not as bad as it used to be.

I'm Not ALONE!!
by: Denyse

Everyone thinks I'm "odd"! I cant tell you how much time i've wasted in the shower getting hair off my arm or hands. I never clean my own brush, i get other people in my family to do it. I'll puke too. if I feel that oh so familiar (disgusting) tickle of hair on me, everything must stop until i get it off.

by: Anonymous

Im afraid i have to agree aswell because i sort of have the same way as you both. Its like my own brush when i have brushe my hair, i see a lot of hair on my brush, it turns me when i have to take it off my brush i feel like thowing up, but it still has to be done though.

by: Leah

Dude! I'm the same way! My friends make fun of me because i freak out so much about it. Animal hair doesnt bother me or hair that's still attached to the head is okay. Anyways... i decided to comment because i couldn't believe how much i agreed with you!

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