Fear of Google Maps

by Anonymous
(Illinois, USA)

Every time I open Google Maps and zoom into a street view spot / large open field in the middle of no where, I feel lost and anxious and this Fear of Google Maps. I wonder what would happen if I was just teleported to that location. But it's over a screen, and I can simply just zoom out, so how can I be scared / anxious? The problem is, I can't stop exploring the random areas even though it makes me choke up and tear up at the same time. It's something about the virtual world and viewing our earth digitally that makes me feel this way. The low rendered objects and compressed pictures displayed make me feel like this. I always wonder if anyone lives in the area I zoomed in to, and if the area looks as displayed to this current day. Some of the scariest places to zoom in on are Russia, because there are tons of isolated towns with buildings and huge empty forests. "Cartophobia" or "Agoraphobia" are the closest results I could find for myself on why I fear some Google Maps images. Again, this really isn't a fear, but I feel helpless when I stare at images of Google Earth.

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