Fear of going up elevators and down escalators

by Emory Allison
(Cutlerville, Michigan, USA)

Okay. I am 15 and I have not gone down an escalator or up an elevator with out making a scene of it for five years. I never used to mind it, but, suddenly and with out warning or explanation, I refused to go down one. I was wondering if I was the only one out there that hates it. When I got o the malls, there is one three flights of stairs and innumerable escalators and one elevator. Everyone I know likes to take the elevator up, go through that store, frolic on the top floor, then go down the escalator. I cannot stand it at all. What happens is I have to let go of everything I am holding (bags, purse, etc.)then take off my accessories (glasses, rings, etc.), take off my coats or jackets that OI am wearing, stop chewing on my gum (I have an obsession with it and am always eating it... even as I type) and, finally, after ten minutes hesitation, descend. I usually sit down and talk to myself to make me forget what is happening. Elevators I don't encounter as often, but, when I do, my eyes go big, I sit down and start to hyperventilate.

Anyone got any tips on hoe to over come it? I would really like to roam the malls without having to drag my poor friends across the mall looking for the stairs that they hate. I would also just like to go to hotels without having to go off track just because I hate elevators. I am going to the St. Louis Arch and going inside it. Too bad I have to ride the elevator UP. I wanna act normal on that.... so I am desperate for help.

If you have any help at all, email me at Emory.Allison at hotmail.com please.

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