Does Fear of God Bother You?

Fear of God or fear of religion, the other name for which is theophobia is not however a recent concept. If you turn the pages of history, you will see that at the beginning of the civilization, society was built based on religion.

Jan Heering

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Anything unknown, bewildering and fearful was associated with God, nature or religion. Climactic hazards and disturbing weather conditions in which common men had nothing to do were often considered to be divine wraths.

Paganism and fear of god has an authentic interconnection. The prime ancient civilizations like the Egyptian, Indus Valley, Greek and Mesopotamian were strong believers and supporters of paganism.

Rain, storm, thunder, lightning, sun and wind were all thought to be blessing or curses of the Almighty God. People of such civilizations believed that when God was angry they had to suffer from droughts, floods and famines. For them, worshiping the Lord was a way to stay in total peace and tranquility.

To avoid fear of God people were bound to follow the rules of religion. What is most tragic is that still now a considerable number of people are exploited and unjustifiably tortured in the name of religion.

Ages have passed and there has been a transformation from the uncivilized to the civilized. However, what yet has not changed is man's blind trust on religion.

Phobia of God can only be justified if it acts as your self-consciousness and an inert sense to rectify your individual faults in attitude and behavior. Theophobia hampers your normal reasoning and indulges you in doing abnormal and absurd things in life.

Fear of God can ruin the quality of your life and cause severe panic attacks. Theophobic individuals prefer to stay in their homes and deny getting close with friends and associates.

The usual symptoms of fear of God include:

  • Sweating

  • An extreme feeling of dread and anxiety

  • Shortness of breath

  • Nausea

  • Irregular heartbeat

  • Rapid breathing

Drugs can subside the symptoms of fear of God, but they come with detrimental side effects. Drugs cannot cure this particular phobic condition. It can only keep the condition in a dormant state through effective chemical reactions.

How can you combat fear of God?
NLP techniques can successfully train and process your mind, thereby liberating your psyche from all false notions of God and Religion. The process of self help NLP is so clear and tabular that never in your life will you face this phobia of the Almighty God.

Self help NLP technique is the fastest and the most trusted way of curing theophobic conditions. It restructures your “mental constructs” and helps you to face reality in life.

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Posted by Jan Heering
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