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what is gnomes?
by: Anonymous

a gnome is a little statue of a elf type character that decorates gardens thats why their called 'garden gnomes'

by: Anonymous

I have the exact same fear! I knew that it wasn't just me who hates Garden Gnomes!!!

They are very shifty and very, very, very evil.
I have to close my eyes and stay up against the wall when i walk up my grandmothers garden, because her garden is swarming with them!

Absolutly terrifying!!

fear of gnomes
by: Anonymous

The name for the fear of gnomes is gnomophobia. It means that you have a PHOBIA of GNOMES. My friend and I both share a phobia of gnomes too. Especially garden gnomes. After looking up cheat codes for the game The Sims 2: Pets we found a cheat code for a "cheat gnome". It was supposed to give unlimited amounts of money in the game. It did just that. It also said that with too many they may attack. We tried doing it on my sisters sims and it made the noise of the gnomes but they were no gnomes in sight. Directly after this we recieved a phone call (on sims) saying: "they're here, you can't see them, but they're here". We immeadiatly knew that they were talking about the garden gnomes. Soon the gnomes attempted to do things like rob our house and set it on fire. We have had a fear of gnomes ever since.

of your gnomes
by: Anonymous

what is gnomes? I just heard that word today.

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