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by: Anna

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Glitter truly is the herpes of craft supplies. I don't understand why I'm so disgusted by it, but it drives me absolutely off the wall. I start to hyperventilate if there's too much around me! And stickers just make me want to gag. Especially those little smiley face stickers teachers used to give you on your tests if you did a good job. Definitely not a reward. I hate when people put stickers on their bodies. I also hate temporary tattoos because they remind me too much of stickers.

My friends joke about it and tease me all the time, but they don't fully realize how traumatic it would be if they really did "cover my bed in glitter" or all the other things they've said they'd do.

by: Anonymous

Is there an actual term for the fear or not?

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