Fear of ghosts

I saw this here and for some reason felt like sharing my fear of ghosts. I am a 15 year old guy and I am horrified of ghosts. My first encounter with them was when I was really young. Probably 3-5. I woke up and while I couldn't see them, dozens of them were in my room chanting my name. My most recent one was I was home alone and the whole house was dark. And I felt someone tap on my shoulder (not like an imagined light tap but like someone jabbed my shoulder with their finger.) and then they started talking to me. I turned around and it was gone.

So now whenever I am alone in a dark room or a dark house I feel uncomfortable. And at night hide my face under the covers. Cause it feels like things are watching me. O.o

I also have a fear of people breaking in for some reason. It scares the hell out of me. I check the locks every night to make sure the doors are locked. And looking outside my window scares me cause I feel like someone is going to shoot me in the head. The window in my room terrifies me because I always feel like someone is going to shoot me through the blinds. I don't know why and if I ever said that to anyone they would just laugh. Which is why I keep it to myself.


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