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I Freak Out When I think Of Them
by: Megan

Yeah I Get Scared Of Them To Cuz My First (and hoplefuly last) Incounter Was When i was play a game at my friends house and we were up in the attic and there were a bunch of boxes and all of a sudden there was someone standing in the corner and it was black and BIG!! And the second i saw it i told my friend to run and we alomst fell down the stairs! When we were downstairs we told her dad and he thought we were crazy! And Now Everytime i think about them i get sooo scared i dont want to be alone.

me too
by: miranda

i am just like that afraid of ghosts (&lady bugs) and ive had encounters when im sleeping i woke up one night and it looked like some girl with black hair looking at me and i tried punching her but nothing happened and when i sleep i cant ever sleep on my side again because i feel like some ones watching me and i always lay on my back so i can see what will(or not)attack me.

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