Fear of getting hit with balls

by Shelby
(West Virginia)

I've tried to figure out if there is a phobia for fear of getting hit with balls and can't seem to.

I'd never really been scared of it until my fifth grade year. We were learning different passes in gym for basketball and Alex was my partner. Of course, she was pretty violent and told me she was going to hit me in the head and who wants that? The overhead pass, I'll never forget it because she threw the ball at me as hard as she could and hit me in the face. I cried and the gym teacher had to give me an ice pack.

Now I won't play any sports that require people throwing a ball at you. In volleyball everyone laughs at me because I duck and cover every time the ball comes to our side. I would like to be more active but unfortunately I'm afraid of almost any sport. Another time I was hit, (of course this was in gym because I'd have to be completely insane if I was ever going to risk getting hit in the face with a ball by playing a sport) was in gym, again. They'd made up some crazy game that consisted of running laps and trying not to get hit with balls that people in the center of the gym were throwing at you. It was my turn to run and I didn't see the ball coming. I got hit and I freaked out,(maybe because I also have the fear of being touched?) I jumped about two times higher than I'm normally capable of jumping, resulting in me scraping up my arm. Man did that hurt :(

I haven't found anything that helps with this fear. I hope that in time I'll be able to overcome this.

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