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by: e.beltran13

I Have always had this fear since i was a kid this is the first time i googled it to see if it is an actual fear and now I see I am not alone.

water and see an eye doctor
by: Anonymous

they have drops that will rebuild the lense

scared of punctured eyeball
by: Anonymous

I have held thoughts for a long time about getting my eyeball punctured.

i am scared of birds too close with sharp beaks.

fear of having a papercut in the eye
by: Joe

I was wondering if anyone knew the technical term for this phobia.

Completely Sympathize
by: Kim

Honestly, I completely sympathize with this. I have literally received a paper cut on the eye and it is the most excruciating pain I have ever witnessed. I had my mail in my right have and my purse was falling off of my shoulder so I went to catch it with that same hand and bam....corner of the mail scrapes along my eye. HORRIBLE. I still, to this day, wake up in major pain at times from what is called corneal erosion from that simple papercut.

what to do ?
by: worryed mom

My 5 year old daughter got a paper cut in her eye tonight and im not sure what to do. It is very painful. Anyone have any ideas on how to ease the pain for my baby girl?

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