How To Eradicate Fear Of Germs?

Fear of germs is a usual occurrence, which curbs your daily activities and makes you behave unnaturally. In contemporary society, this type of fear makes a considerable portion of the population suffer a lot. It is a state of fear, which can be best described as “a relentless, anomalous, and baseless fear of germs”.

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This sedative problem causes countless people needless suffering making people feel socially abused.

The persistence of the fear makes the person lose his saneness thereby parting him from his near and dear ones.

Fear of germs is known by several names such as Spermatophobia, Verminophobia and germ phobia being the most common.

Symptoms of germ phobia
A person suffering from germ phobia experiences symptoms like sweating, feeling of dread, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, nausea and more to add on to the list.

Germ phobia can hamper the normal daily activities of an individual. You may not feel like eating, bathing or drinking. You may feel like locking yourself up in a room and create a hygiene world for yourself.

This particular fear starts from a milder stage and can reach to a level when everything seems impossible.

For instance, some people are very particular about clean toilets. They don't prefer to use public lavatories. They feel that these are the dirtiest place on earth and using such toilets would mean getting contaminated all over.

How NOT to treat fear of germs?
There are two popular treatment procedures for fear of germs – medication and immersion therapy. In immersion therapy the person is made to face the situation, which he desires to avoid the most.

For instance, if you are a germ phobic, you may be asked to pick something from the road and throw it aside. After this, you may even not be allowed to wash your hands. While this method claims success, it involves a great deal of mental pain.

Medication is the other popular way of combating germ phobia. With medicine, you can avoid the fear for sometime.

Its disadvantages include the expense, the possibility of side effects, the necessity to keep taking medication indefinitely and most of all, the likelihood that drugs won’t solve the problem. After all, medications can only suppress the symptoms, not treat the underlying disease.

Killing germs can be bad too
Most products available in the market are not 100% germ killers. If all germs get destroyed then the normal functioning of your immunity system will be greatly hampered.

Thus, you will no longer be able to fight against germs and this will lead to several detrimental diseases and can even make you experience fatality. Thus, some amount of exposure to germs is essential as a way to strengthen your immunity system.

How can you combat germ phobia?
NLP techniques makes you believe in yourself. NLP self-help techniques make you change your mental “constructs” . This will help you to get rid of your germ phobia.

Therefore, carefully follow the steps of NLP self-help techniques for the proper elimination of your fear of germs.

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