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Fear of freddie
by: Chantelle cordier

Hey, don't feel alone, i am terrified of freddie, i think it was terrible for you being exposed to evil like that at such a young age. i am sometimes tormented in my sleep, i dream of him especially if i am upset. i can't stand any pictures of him, like in the dvd shop. i think it is the devil, as he torments us with our worst fears. i believe Jesus can take it away. a young girl once was possessed with a demon and during the exorsism the demon left her and told the priest he is the famous freddie and he manifested to humans ans so the character was created. i don't know if it is true, i just know he creeps me out. hypnosis is agreat thing, go for it, and trust yourself. believe in God, as i must. good luck.

by: Anonymous

You should see a hypnotherapist. Go to Google and type in "hypnotherapist [city], [state]" and then search. Tell him/her about your problem and they will help you.
Nick G.

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