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can't handle forever
by: Anonymous

I believe I will go to a good place but I am still terrified of forever. I just want to cease to exist. I have even prayed that I would just cease. Part of my problem is I can't do anything long term work, school, relationships if I think way ahead of myself I get in terror land. What has helped me is live one day at a time, nothing more nothing less.

Something similar
by: Anonymous

I get uncomfortable when i think of space. How its always been there with no beginning and no end. It doesnt start anywhere and it doesnt end anywhere and i just cant think about that.

by: gabby

i am also terrified of spending eternity in complete nothingness. i get panic attacks when i try to imagine how long eternity is. I am so scared of death. and that when you die, you are nothing... forever. Never to feel ever again. No emotion, nothing, for eternity. and eternity doesnt mean like 20 years. it means 100000 billion years x 1000000 billion years x infinity. just the end of time and when all the galaxies burn out.. we will still be absolutely nothing... when life doesnt even exist we will mean nothing to no one and be no one to nothing. and when we have been dead for eternity we are still waiting to be dead for another eternity. f*ck.

by: Bailey

It's the feeling of never ever ending. I always think, when is the world going to end? yeah people say the world will end next year or sometime in the future, but even when the earth itself is gone, our spirits (heaven and hell junk) will still be here and it will be NEVER ENDING.

by: Kaitlyn

Ok, so I tend to have that fear also. I think the fact of saying something like "I'll be your best friend forever" seems to leave this idea that you actually have to keep that promise no matter what. That can be very troubling. Maybe in that type situation you may be more scared of letting the other person down by mistake. Or maybe its because forever tends to make things seem like they will never end such as pain. Maybe this helps but I don't know. Good luck!

i feel it too
by: Jay

Yes ive recently begun to feel this way too.....its like my head will pop. im going to just explode into a kind of never ending darkness on the spot.

Its a horrible feeling....what i hope for is that what goes on beyond my life, and my ego, and my fears is a kind of peace and love and creative awareness that is greater than my mind can understand. Something that cannot know boredom or fear.

by: Anonymous

sounds to me with the blackness, that your afraid of death, but not Heaven death. Like a lost soul. You are probably under deep conviction from the Lord. If your not right with Him and would get saved, I bet this would stop

dead is dead
by: Anonymous

You have been dead for billions of years, and after you die you will be dead for billions more years but you wont mind because you wont have a mind.
When the vikings invaded you were dead. When Columbus discovered america you were dead. You were dead when the dinosaurs walked the earth and you were dead when your parents first met, so can you remember what it was like to be dead? or in eternity? No of course not because dead is dead and death is unconsciousness with no remorse and sorrow.

You only feel bad because you imagine that death is like life, being aware of your plight. Thats not going to happen.

by: Drew

Apeirophobia is what you have. It's a fear of being stuck in eternity. I've had it all my life, too. i thought i was the only one cause everyone seemed to be glad we can live forever. They'd talk about "the gift of eternal life" and i couldn't understand why no one else was freaking out about it.

It comes and goes in my life, but just recently it came back, seeming worse than ever before. i found some other people who have it, so you're not alone. But yeah, the thought of time never ending scares the hell outta me. No matter what we do, we will forever be stuck in existence. No matter how far into eternity we get, we will still have eternity left to go. If we get bored, there is nothing we can do. It's not a phobia you can avoid because the fact of eternity is always there in our minds. It seems unfair, that we are doomed to spend eternity being scared of eternity. Hopefully, when we die and move onto the next life, it will go away.

Talking to others with Apeirophobia is really helpful. Anyone who has it, please e-mail me. my g-mail account is drewmoyer578. Maybe we can band together and make an on-line support group

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