Fear of Food is my worst!!!!

by LeDonna
(Brookfield MO)

Hi.I'm a 44 year old mom of 4. Several years ago I was diagnosed with Ibs and anxiety. My anxiety and phobia disorder has pretty much crippled my life! I went from fearing to put weight on the floor of my house(afraid everything would fall through the floor) to terrified I was gonna die everytime I felt a twinge or seen some medical thing on tv... It led to a host of stomach problems resulting in being told not to eat this food or that food cause it could make the problem worse. the result is my fear of all food except hamburger and gluten free oatmeal. That's all I eat! It sucks and I hate it but can't stop it... I'm afaid that if I eat anything other than burger and oatmeal that I will have an allergic reaction and I will die!!!! I have tried to eat other things and sent myself into a level 11 panic attack. I can't even take a tylenol or tums for the same fear. It's so overwhelming and when I mention this people just think I'm nuts and stupid!!!!!!! All I know is I would not wish this on my worst enemy!! I've seen two therapist over the last year who deal with phobias and they both told me I'm to severe and they can't help me!!! I need in house treatment and can't afford it and therapist can't help me. What a mess!!

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