How To Eliminate Fear Of Flying

If you have aerophobia or fear of flying then you are surely not one among those who envy the sky travelers. May be at some point in your life you saw or heard about a plane crash or you lost someone dear in an air crash and from then you have become a victim of flying phobia.

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When you have fear of flying, you are not at all ready to travel through air and even if someone tries to convince, you feel as if the person does not want you to live longer. You know that a flight in the air cannot cause death but still you lack the confidence to do so.

Some ways of curing flying phobia
Some individuals tend to overcome aerophobia through successful hypnotherapy sessions. These sessions take place for an hour where a therapist tries his level best to make you feel more confident as a flier and he does so with effective suggestions and advices.

Here the therapist first makes you understand about the technicalities of an airplane so that you can understand that when you fly, you have nothing to fear.

You are also taught how to feel comfortable while flying with certain relaxation techniques. When you exercise these techniques, you feel it is quite easy to calm yourself down especially when you are traveling in an aircraft for the first time in your life.

You are even asked to read books or listen to music when flying, so that you can keep yourself engaged in doing something else rather than concentrating in your flight.

Symptoms of fear of flying

  • You can't speak or think clearly

  • You tend to perspire a lot

  • You suffer from breathlessness, giddiness and nausea

  • Your mouth becomes dry and you start shaking

  • You feel quite anxious and depressed

  • Your heart starts beating fast and you feel quite sick

  • You behave madly and you feel as if you are soon to die

  • You tend to move far from reality

How can self-help NLP techniques cure fear of flying
With the help of self-help Neuro Linguistic Programming, you are taught to get rid of your fear. Such techniques help you accept and face challenges with ease and confidence.

Thus, here self-help NLP comes at the top when it helps you get rid of fear of flying without an external help.

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