Simple Strategies To Eliminate Fear Of Flying Phobia

Fear of flying phobia is a kind of fear that makes you feel paralytic even at the thought of flying. Thus, those beautiful places are there in your dreams for it is hard for you to make them a part of your real experience.

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The other name for this type of fear is aerophobia where you dare to travel in the fresh air. What is most pathetic is that you know that the fear is irrelevant but you cannot really get rid of it.

Symptoms of fear of flying phobia

  • You feel lack of breath

  • You feel dizzy and you tend to sweat a lot

  • You have nausea and your mouth becomes dry

  • You start feeling sick and you shake vigorously

  • Your heart starts palpitating fast you can't even speak or think clearly

  • At times you feel that you are losing control over yourself and a state of madness persists

  • You move far from reality and experience a full blown anxiety attack

  • You feel as if you are soon to die

The farce is that fear of flying phobia is a sort of intense fear, which can cause no actual danger. Matured brains can feel the irrationality of the fear but they cannot really escape the panic attacks or the severe anxiety caused by this state of apprehension.

Fear of flying phobia sessions
Those who have this fear cannot really imagine boarding a flight. However, to make things easy for them several flying phobia clinics have been developed.

In these clinics, you are taught how to stay cool in a flight and perform several activities like counting numbers, reading books and listening to music to keep yourself engaged all the time. Thus, you hardly have any time to think about the fear.

Treatment options of fear of flying phobia

Energy psychology - Energy Psychology is emerging as an excellent therapy for fears and phobias because in studies it is shown to be fast, safe, successful and long-lasting. Energy Psychology is based on a theory and practice that has been around for a couple of thousand years.

Energy Psychology has the same foundation or roots as acupuncture, except in this case there are no needles used. You could call it emotional acupuncture - without the needles. more information

Hypnotherapy – Such a therapy reprograms your subconscious state and save it from being involved in the fear. With this therapy you can eliminate your condition of fear of flying phobia.

Hypnotherapy takes place according to the skill and efficacy of the hypnotherapist and thus a mistake in the procedure can surely keep you far from achieving the desired results.

Counseling and talk therapy – In case of such a treatment, you either have to visit a counselor or a talk therapist who is sure to suggest you ways of how to step out of the fear of flying high and lead a simple and normal life.

The success of such a fear of flying treatment entirely depends on the efficiency and personal skill of the practitioner. If they fail, you are still in the dungeon dying to step out of the condition.

How to combat fear of flying phobia with the help of NLP
NLP is a self help treatment, which works effectively in eliminating a condition of aerophobia. It is sure to cure fast and successfully.

You can create and face reality with the help of self-help Neuro Linguistic Program thus, it becomes no more difficult for you to re-shape your mental set up and you can now deal with your sentiments and apprehensions in a more sensible way.

Once you are able to escape fear of flying phobia, you feel so relaxed and confident to soar in the deep blues of the sky.

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