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I can relate
by: S0tcrates

No, I wouldn't say you have a phobia! You have a real, and warranted fear. I'm going to paste a story I wrote up in another forum, it will help you see (pun intended) how I can relate to your injury / fear.

"Almost 2 years ago, some buddies and I were on vacation playing wiffle ball, needless to say we didn't think anyone could possibly get hurt (you know.. cuz WIFFLE ball). Since there were only 5 of us playing, we rotated positions. So it's my turn to pitch after I had just beamed one into the woods. My buddy, determined to hit one further, steps up to the plate. I toss him the ball and POW it hits me dead in the right eyeball. My eye filled with blood and I could no longer see out of it. I went to the optometrist and he gave me some prescriptions drops and said I have a case of "hyphema" and that he 'hopes' it will do the trick. I asked if I'd regain my vision and he said, usually it happens but sometimes not. I was blind out of the eye for about 4-5 days. The worst part was not knowing if it was going to be permanent or not. Anyway, this video [FROM OTHER POST] reflects EXACTLY what I saw prior to the impact. The only difference is that a wiffle ball is way more erratic in the air so it had a decent curve, looking like it was a heat seeking missile headed straight for my pupil. After regaining my vision, my pupil was about 2-3 times the size of my other eye for a year until it slowly retracted to normal.
TL DR: Playing wiffle ball with friends, ball hits me straight on the eye, lost vision for 4-5 days. Wear sunglasses kids."

So because of this, I am always weary when objects are about to launch through the air, no matter how harmless they may seem. After sharing this story with someone else, it was brought to my attention that David Bowie also had a similar occurrence happen to him and that is why one of his pupils is STILL larger than the other. This piece of trivia was amusing to me because I was born the same date as Bowie (different year) and am also a professional musician.

Sorry that I couldn't give you a "cure" to your issue, but just know that while your friends are teasing you for being extra cautious, you have more experience than them. I'd definitely trade a little badgering with ensuring that I never have to go through that eye trama again!

All the best,


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