Fear of Flying Objects (balls), the dark, dying in sleep, and dolls

by Lucy

I HATE stuff that fly towards my face...it's ironic but I can do okay with basketballs and stuff but the thing is, I just hate it being thrown at me...make sense? I don't know how to explain it...but I just hate the idea of being hit in the face with a ball. I can deal with the fear pretty okay but I always feel like it's going to hit my head or something...also, it's really bad when I don't know that it's going to be thrown at me and I see it being thrown at me and I freak out...in my head...it's a weird condition...I'm also afraid of the dark, since I despise anything supernatural related like ghosts and stuff...ughh.....I guess it's probably due to that horror movie I watched when I was a kid. I need someone to sleep with me at night (the day is okay) or else I freak out and turn all the lights in my room on and blast music or even end up not sleeping...it sucks and I end up hallucinating and see ghosts appear in the dark and I scream bloody murder and run to my room and switch all the lights on. I've cried a few times because I felt like something was staring at me or I could just see something from the corner of my eye...sigh...so paranoid...another thing I'm afraid of the death of my family members while they're asleep. I sometimes question myself and check if they're breathing because I always think that they're going to die in their sleep. I'm also morbidly afraid of dolls as do most people. I can't stand the sight of them. Once, my friend asked me to hold a doll for her so we can move some stuff and I nearly cried just holding it. Maybe it was because my mom stuck dolls on top of the windowsill above my head when I was sleeping....ugh.....the memories

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