Fear Of Flying Course
Be A Confident Flyer

Fear of flying course is a kind of workshop where experts attempt to explain you the whole process of flying in an airliner and boosts your inner confidence.

Once you are well informed, you can easily get rid of irrational fears associated with having a flight in the air.

Severe form of aerophobia may cause both physiological as well as psychological symptoms.
Some of the most common symptoms of aerophobia as discussed in a fear of flying course include:

  • An acute feeling of discomfiture when the plane takes off, lands or turns in the air

  • As soon as the doors of the plane are shut you may feel cooped up and suffocated

  • Sometimes you may require a drink or sedative to be able to fly with suppressed feeling of fear and anxiety

  • Even before you sit in the flight you start worrying about it for days and months

Some other most usual physical symptoms of aerophobia as put forward by a fear of flying course are

  • Sweating of palms
  • Dry mouth
  • Quick and irregular pulsation of the heart
  • Hyperventilation
  • Vomiting and feeling of nervousness

In a fear of flying course, the professionals will first try to find out why exactly do you fear to fly. The reason behind this may be that previously either you have heard of an incident of an unfortunate air crash or you might have witnessed such an incident on the television, which is creating problem for you to get out of the trauma.

The members of the flying fear course are always there to help you and make you think and behave rationally. Such workshops are usually held once in a week or for a few weeks.

The experts explain the whole mechanism of flying by talking in details about the noises – why and how they are being produced. Such a therapy is normally referred to as cognitive behavioral therapy.

The fear of flying course finally ends when the members make the victims of aerophobia experience a real flight in the air under their guidance and assistance. They will keep on talking with you throughout the entire journey and encourage you to ask several questions.

In such a course, you are at times suggested to exercise certain self-help techniques such as breathing exercises and meditation, just before or at the time of the flight. When you feel nervous and excited you just have to close your eyes and concentrate on something else. Feel free to explore a world of positive imagination.

In a fear of flying course, you will be suggested several ways to keep yourself engaged so that you can easily get rid of unnecessary fear and emotional fatigue. You may take with you a luggage full of books, magazines, CD player, to keep yourself distracted while you are waiting to board.

You should always have a healthy and nutritious meal so that you may get some sleep during the flight.

In a fear of flying course, the experts will always recommend to avoid the intake of sugary snacks, tea, coffee or caffeine filled drinks because they may make you feel exceedingly stressed and over stimulated.

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