How To Cure Fear Of Flowers?

Fear of flowers or anthophobia is defined as a persistent, abnormal and unnatural fear. Those suffering from the fear, experience an undue anxiety even though they know that they have no real threat from the flowers.

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Not any specific species of flower erupts the fear, but in fact, any flower can instill the fear.

Knowing Anthophobia more closely
The term anthophobia is derived from the Greek work 'Anthos' and 'Phobos'. When the meanings are conjugated, it stands for 'fear of flowers'. Though Anthophobia means intense fear of flowers, but in reality it poses no harmful threats.

Adults do understand the irrational side of these fears and how the morbid situation brings about a panic attack and severe anxiety amongst the victims.

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Know the cause and symptoms of fear of flowers
Fear of flower is caused by our unconscious mind, which acts as a protective mechanism. In your past, there must have been an event that somehow got linked to your emotional trauma. Remember that, the fear cannot be born naturally.

There must be a reason such as a real life dreadful event linked to flower or a film or story heard at a very young age that must have triggered the fear.

As long as the negative association is staunch enough, you feel the fear overpowering you. At this point, our mind defies thinking rationally and we are trapped in the helpless condition. Nonetheless, the fear is reciprocated in different ways by different people.

Some experience the fear almost all the time, while some respond to it direct stimuli.

The common symptoms are nausea, excessive sweating, breathlessness, dizziness, heart palpitation, a sensation of detachment from reality, excessive anxiety, inability to think and speak clearly and fear of dying.

What are the treatments?
A number of potent drugs are usually prescribed by the doctor. These drugs can work at times of severe symptoms of the fear. However, you should know that the drugs are not capable of abolishing the fear of flowers. They can only suppress the symptoms through chemical interaction.

If you feel that fear is crippling your thinking ability, then you could visit the practitioner, who will teach you to gain control of your emotions and conquer the fear. Counseling will sometimes help you to train your unconscious mind and connect the positive feelings to the stimuli, which actually triggers the phobia.

Take resort to the NLP self Help Technique, to combat the fear
As the name suggests, Self Help NLP is a self-help technique and no one can be your best doctor, except yourself. Actually, the words and thoughts we use after seeing something reflects an inner, subconscious perception.

In case, if the wiring is wrong, that is, the words and perceptions are wrong, then this erupts the fear.

Hence, we have to boost up some positive attitude in us to reason out the negative thoughts. We need to make ourselves see the irrational side of the fear and in this way, we can cure the fear of flowers.

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