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Me too
by: Anonymous

I have a phobia like this too, wherever I go no matter where in the back of my head my mind is playing all these scenes of how the floor will collapse or implode beneath me and I'll go falling into a great abyss or if I'm up high how I'll fall to my death. When I lean against things I get it too, especially glass and again my mind plays all these scenes of how the glass will break and I'll go falling. As to how I put up with it, I just try not to think about it or let it control me. I acknowledge that it exists and I just say no to it. When I was little I refused to go along platforms especially the ones in airports that join the buildings and often airport officials would have to find another way for me to get to the other building. I do not know what it is called and I hope to find out soon as I have gone searching on the internet.

You describe it perfectly!
by: Dawn

Hi Jen,

I am currently trying to overcome the exact same feeling and I'm fascinated to learn that other people feel the same. Your description is exactly the same as what I experience. I have just moved into a new house and knowing that the area downstairs is open plan makes being upstairs worse than it has ever been. To the point of irrational tears. We have had the floorboards and joists reinforced to attempt to appease this feeling, but it hasn't helped. I know it's more of a phobia based on this. I have read about how buildings are over-engineered and that they can take 10 times the expected weight, but none of this helps! I'm still dreading putting furniture in one particular room. I'm worried I might never be able to relax in there. It's such a horrible feeling, almost sick in the stomach at it's worst. I have read many other posts about the same phobia, but so far, no revelation about how to make it go away! So many kind architects have taken the time to explain how buildings are put together, but the originators of the posts can't see past the fear.
Have you come across anything since you posted this?


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