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Comes and goes
by: Anonymous

I too suffer from this. It has come and gone for me over the years...kind of brought on by stress/anxiety. I have always had a little vertigo but now I sweat and get anxious just thinking about walking in open spaces. Its very much a mental thing but it can be very debilitating. When I keep my mind flooded it tends not to bother me.

UK person with same phobia
by: Anonymous

I too have the same irrational phobia of feeling like I will float away when looking up in open exposed areas like the beach or park. I know that it is irrational and completely impossible, I believe I am a rational man that follows science but still it does not stop this very peculiar feeling. It is good to know that I am not alone. Does anyone know the name for this condition?

by: Anonymous

I have to hold on to something secure and burried into the ground. Enough to make me feel comfortable enough to keep me from being sucked into deep space. It is the wierdest, freakiest feeling in the world. What is the correct terminology?? Help!

I can't believe it
by: I thought I was the only one

Dude, your not the only one. I had this fear from experimenting with psychedelic drugs. This phobia occurred when I tried magic mushrooms and I was in a public playground. I was sixteen years old. While I was in the baseball field of the public park I had this thought, "I wonder what would happen if I just floated away". All of a sudden, I ran for my life to hold on to a gate. Since that day I had a hard time being in open spaces like playgrounds,beaches, golf courses and etc. Although during the day time I have no problem being in open spaces because the world looks much smaller to me for some reason. But when it's night time, the world looks so much bigger and I try to face my fear from time to time. I'm not going to give up, I'm going to expose myself to this fear and eventually get over it. I'm grateful there is people that can relate with me. Also, for anybody that can relate you fear the feeling of floating away, not the reality. You know for a fact you won't float away but it's the feeling that terrifies you. I advice anybody that has this fear to keep exposing yourself to open spaces little by little. Start with a baseball field or a playground and then find wider open spaces. Best wishes to all.

used to be afraid
by: Anonymous

i had this phobia when i was younger but i think im over it, i couldnt be in an open field and i was a afraid when the sky was a solid blue color, i now have a different phoebia of echoes, vibration,and motion (all connected) but it only comes in attacks

by: Anonymous

I too have a fear of floating away and open skies, open ceiling buildings and wide open expanses trigger this fear. Also floating things like derigibles and balloons do the same. What is this phobia called?


A phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear... we know we aren't going to float away, but we are still scared nonetheless. There is nothing to be educated on except you on phobias

I KNOW I'm not going to float away. I don't need a book to tell me that
by: Anonymous

It has nothing to do with walking around thinking I could float away. It's the actual FEELING of floating or even being pulled that I experience when I have nothing in my sight between me and the day or night sky. It actually makes me dizzy and motion sick. I have vertigo but don't know if there is any connection. What I do know is that it is not stemming from some misinformed belief system that reading about gravity is going to cure. I wish the best to everyone here that has gone through this as it can feel quite horrible. I am finding more and more people like me out there. In the past two weeks I found four just among Fb friends.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I haven't had this for a while, but I have had it happen often in my adult life. I get it the most when I'm putting gas in my car. Something about being out in the open and watching the numbers on the gas pump seems to really trigger it. Maybe gas fumes too. I really feel like gravity is sudden not going to apply for me and I'm going to lift up into the sky. Like a feel of falling down off a high place, but in reverse.
I also get it sometimes in huge buildings with really high ceilings.

same fear and your knowledge of gravity dosnt help
by: jessica

Ive had this fear for many many years to the point im almost a hermit. The knowledge of Newton dosnt help at all it just makes me feel more then stupid that i even fear this. Maybe it helps some but not most, its like people afraid to fly have the knowledge that they are more likely to get hit by lightning then crash in a airplane and for most that dosnt help them lol it might make them fear lightning now also. I cant deal with open spaces, looking up at the stars, flying a kite or even bird watching on bad days. I feel for everyone here and maybe someday we all will be able to enjoy the open skies again.

what is its name
by: Anonymous

Im 27, for the last 5 or 6 years i've had the same fear. I thought it was a very rare, weird phobia I had, and tgought i qas the only one with it. Now I see im not the only one. For a a period it got so bad. When i was in an open space i would have to sit next to something to hold on to just in case it happened. Any help out there? Anyone know the name does it have a name

I have it
by: Anonymous

I have this fear too, like the thought of the size of the universe, to me it's scares me when I think of how big the universe is and it unknowing, and when I think about a beach I look at the open waters, like the feeling of being pulled away far put to sea, isolated from everyone, the unknowing of what would happen scares me.

similar experience
by: Anonymous

I don't have this phobia. But it reminds me of a time when I was lying on my back on this platform on top of the football field bleachers in the middle of the night and all I could see was the sky. I had this sudden image of gravity letting go and floating upwards and this odd sensation of vertigo. It was scary.

me too
by: anoymous

I also have this same fear. I also don't share it its hard to explain but we here know what this TERRIFYING fear is all about. I am also scared of hieghts, as a lot of people are and this is completely different and completely MORE TERRIFYING. I'm glad to see others with this and feel some comfort in knowing I'm not alone with this unexplainable fear. Hopefully I can find its root and stop it. Although for me it is progressing. I can even get the feeling from t.v., movies and Google earth, although very minor not like looking @ the stars out side I do feel it coming on. Again thanks to all that posted. By the way is there a name for it.

Same fear
by: Anonymous

I'm glad to see someone else has this fear, I've had this fear for years now. Anytime I'm out playing a sport and we do stretches, I cannot lay on my back and look up at the sky. The sensation of floating causes a severe nauseous feeling. I've tried to explain this to my wife, only to be made fun of so I don't share this with anyone. By the way, reading a book about gravity does nothing to cure this fear.

by: Anonymous

i have this fear too, i tell myself its impossible to float away but the fear or whatever you want to call it is still there, when on a soccer field i am terrified

by: Anonymous

Well, you have to know the feeling to understand it. That's why its a type of phobia, reading about physics is not going to cure it. I first noticed this feeling playing with my kids one day in the yard. I was laying on my back and looked straight up. Since then I have tried to avoid laying in open spaces while outside. The feeling of floating causes me to grab the ground and a nauseous feeling.

We're on the same boat.
by: Anonymous

Me to ... I don't share to also to people because it's hard to explain and I don't want them to find me weird. You're not alone. I'm also trying to find out why I have this phobia when I don't even remember being on some kind of danger in a vast place ever before. I don't know. It's weird.

Fear of floating away
by: Cheeky0075

I am sorry to hear you are suffering from this form of anxiety as I too suffer from similar systems.

These feelings first appeared when attending a concert in a large stadium, since then the sensation has developed to the point were I experience this situation simply when driving my car on a large open motorway, right down to being in the open plan office where I work.

I too have had trouble finding anyone who shares the same experience and despite being told that this is simply a 'flight or fight' manifestation does not stop the dread when the symptoms occur.

I am currently undergoing cognitive therapy & hypnotherapy with varying results so would like to hear how you are progressing?

impossible to float away.
by: Anonymous

It is impossible for you to float away into the vastness of space because of gravity.
Please go to the library and check out a book on astronomy,and another on physics. Both books will talk about Issac Newton and the his laws of gravity.
So, you have nothing to be afraid of. There is no chance of you floating away, gravity keeps you firmly on planet Earth.

Also, go online and check out astronomy and physics. I think by reading up on everything in those to fields you will no longer be afraid.

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