Fear of flies crawling in my nose, I think I'm the only one that has it

by Cc

I have an unusual fear of flies crawling in my nose, especially when I sleep.I sleep with my face covered. Not only when I sleep, but if I accidentally suck in a fruit fly or something I burst into screams and sobs. Once I was reading and I sucked something up my nose, like a gnat or something. My dad was right by me, and imagine what he saw. Me, just reading a book, when I randomly scream, start crying, and blow my nose into my arm a hundred times. I grew afraid when I saw a trailer to a horror movie that started out with a girl laying in her bed, and it showed a housefly crawl up her cheek into her nose, then she started coughing and gasping. I was little when I saw this, and that scared me, ┼Ťo I covered my nose when I fell asleep and got in the habit.

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