Fear of Fire and Glitter

I have a horrible fear of 2 things: fire and glitter. I've been afraid of fire all my life, but glitter is a bit more...recent.

I was in school, and one of the girls I hang with had a thing of glitter. At the time, I wasnt afraid of it so I thought it was cool. But then she poured it in the hair of another girl who was kneeling below her, and that girl has LONG HAIR. So, in order to get the glitter out, she shook her head round and round. Unfortunately for me, I was standing right beside her and got covered in the stuff.

I looked down at my arms, and I saw a million little pieces of sparkly dust winking at me...and I freaked out. I started breathing really hard and fast and I did everything to get it off, but it was no use. That stuff was stuck to me.

Because of that,I fear it. My friends make fun of me all the time, saying that I'm going to get burned alive by glittery fire. This is hard to deal with.

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