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fear of clipping the nails
by: Cali Pendleton

I actually have this exact same fear. Not of the leftover clippings. But fear of the sound and process. I get the same symptoms as well. On top of this, I was raised in a VERY strict household and had a sense of wrongness put into me when biting my nails. So basically my nails grow until they break.

Clipping Nails
by: Brad

Bizarre as it may seem my dog suffers from the same phobia. No matter where I am in the house he hears me and start growling which if I continue turns into a tremendous and continuous howl.......

i am terrified
by: Anonymous

I worked at a salon and I already knew I had OCD about germs, but I had to work there because my family was in need. Everything was ok until i came home and a toenail from a customer fell off of my clothing. Ever since then I have been severly bothered. I dont even drive in centers where there are nail places. Super disturbed, don't sleep well and I am in constant prayer for peace and deliverance from this.

by: Anonymous

I feel the exact same way!! I feel sick to my stomach when i see clippings laying around on the floor. Also, it's so bad... I once had a nightmare that I had a mouthful of fingernail clippings! I almost threw up when I woke up!!

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