fear of feet

by Kelly
(sandfields, port talbot, wales)

i have this terrible fear of feet, i'm terrified of feet, i'm only 14 and i can't remember when the fear started neither can i remember not being scared of feet. it's as if i'm frightened of them, but i have no reason to be.

for example my younger brother knows i hate feet but yet he winds me up by ramming them in my face and every chance he gets and it really makes me sweat and feel sick to my stomach. i can't explain the feeling i get when i see a foot or here someone talking about a foot. all i know is that i really hate feet but i'm embarresed about my phobia because it sounds silly i never knew there was an actually scientific term for my phobia untill i researched it i found out that its called podophobia or something like that.

my mother always asks me what will happen when i meet a nice man and start getting serious and he takes his shoes and socks off infront of me. but my answer is always the same "i'll die" i know it sounds stupid but i wish that i could meet a man with the same fear as me so i wouldn't have to explain myself and he will know exactly how i feel.

it wrecks my life, i can't go swimming because i won't show my feet either, i won't wear sandals or flip flops because i'm paranoid and i won't go to the gym or any p.e. class or drama and i won't sunbathe near anyone who has their socks off and i won't take mine off either. its getting me down i need to find a cure.

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