Do You Suffer From Fear Of Feet?

Fear of feet is a kind of phobic situation in which you get infuriated and upset when you look at your feet or touch it or when you find people discussing about feet. You do not even approve others coming and touching your feet.

Jan Heering

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You cannot explain exactly how you feel, but what you feel is indeed unpleasant. The wrath gradually develops within you and you feel utterly uncomfortable.

The other name for fear of feet is podophobia. Such a condition can adversely affect your life and at times makes you feel terribly miserable. A condition of podophobia is in no way funny.

When others see you suffering from fear of feet they can easily make fun of your condition, but that does not make the matter less serious.

You start behaving abnormally by trying to cover your feet with shoes and socks. You even do it when you are sleeping.

The usual symptoms of podophobia are:

  • You have problem in breathing

  • You feel extremely anxious and frightened

  • You tend to sweat a lot

  • You tend to avoid such situations

  • Your heart starts beating fast

Fear of feet is irrational and it really has nothing dangerous about it. As an adult, you are aware of the fact that your fright of foot is illogical and groundless. Still you are not able to escape the condition.

The fear keeps coming back and makes you feel psychologically shattered. At the end, you cannot save yourself from experiencing frequent panic attacks and full form anxiety.

Some people are affected to such an extent that anything related to feet becomes a matter of extreme trepidation.

How to get rid of fear of feet?
Neuro Linguistic Program works effectively in treating fear of feet or podophobia. This is the fastest and the most successful way of getting rid of a phobic condition.

With the help of self-help NLP techniques, you create reality for yourself. Thus, it becomes easy for you to restructure your mental set up and have a better control over your emotions and sentiments in life.

This is the way self help NLP techniques work for rectifying the not so better part of your mind.

Once you are able to get rid of fear of feet by the rightful application of self help NLP techniques and procedures, you won't find yourself searching all around for socks and stockings for your feet. As a normal individual, you start treating your feet normally.

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