The Untold Secrets of Fear of Feet Treatment

Fear of feet (podophobia) treatment – yes, it is indeed a necessity, because such a condition of fear is an ailment in all respect.

Jan Heering

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When you have podophobia, you tend to behave abnormally. You do not like your feet to be touched, looked at or even talked about. Even if someone else touches your feet, you feel irritated.

A list of podophobia treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is not a good way of treating fear of feet. At the beginning of the treatment, the phobic individual is made to realize his inherent negative thinking pattern.

Once the individual is made to realize, then it is his turn to look for ways of how he can introduce change in his negative thought pattern and try to be more positive in life and career.

The therapy comes with several disadvantages too. The process takes lots of time to eliminate the phobic condition and this can make the victim feel utterly agitated and fretful.

Exposure therapy
This therapy does not deal with your thoughts but with your behavior. First, the individual is made to face the state of fear and then he is taught how to make use of ways and measures to cure fear of feet.

At the point when you directly confront the feared situation, you are taught how to withstand an extreme case of anxiety disorder.

However, this podophobia treatment procedure can indeed make you feel immensely uncomfortable.

Counseling to cure fear of feet
Supportive psychotherapy or counseling is sometimes used to treat podophobia. In this case, you have to talk with the counselor to find out ways on how to get rid of fear of feet.

However, counseling is not so effective phobic treatment as here the result of the therapy completely rests upon the experience and efficiency of the counselor.

Relaxation techniques
Your undaunted feet apprehension can be treated with a variety of physical exercises, which include muscle relaxation procedures and several breathing techniques.

However, such methods are quite unsatisfactory and unsuccessful at times.

Drugs and medicines
When condition of podophobia seems excruciating, your medical practitioner may suggest benzodiazepines as sure shot medication for fear of feet. The other medicine that is effective is Diazepam also known by the name Valium. However, a continuous intake of such medicines should be avoided to save yourself from undesirable addiction.

However, these medicines come with detrimental side effects.

Self help NLP techniques in curing conditions of foot phobia
Self-help NLP techniques is the one and only successful method of curing podophobia. Self help NLP techniques enable you to face and create reality and thus contribute a lot in changing your mental “constructs”.

After the “constructs” have been absolutely exposed and reprogrammed, fear of feet is either reduced or completely obviated.

Self help NLP techniques help you make use of your logical sense. After this, you no longer feel irritated or worried when you look at your feet. You are successful in deactivating your incoherent fear of feet.

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