Self Help Techniques To Cure Fear Of Feet

Fear of feet is a psychological disorder that disturbs the normal course of life. The adults remain aware of the fact that their fear is irrational but cannot dispel it.

Jan Heering

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Excessive sweating, breathlessness, nausea, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking, heart palpitations are some of the common symptoms of people suffering from podophobia.

People undergoing fear of feet will avoid any topic related to feet. The intensity of fear is such that they remain averse to look at their own feet.

There are host of treatments that claim to counter fear of feet. These methods are briefly discussed below:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Cognitive behavior therapy works on a three-pronged strategy - It actually lays emphasis on how an individual thinks, the way he feels and acts. In fact, the victim’s thought gives shape to his feelings and behavior.

Cognitive behavior therapy tries to deal with the problem in a pragmatic way.

It is a time consuming procedure that makes an individual upset and hopeless.

Traditional Medicine
The intake of body beta-blocker drugs help to some extent in curbing the feet phobia. These drugs actually control the body mechanism internally and reduce the risk of phobia. However, the continued use of these drugs might prove counter productive and they have several side effects.

Exposure Therapy:
Hear the victim is directly introduced to the factor that causes phobia. Effort is made to explain the person that he is under the false illusion, as such it does not cause any harm. When the person is actually introduced to such form of therapy he realizes the fact that until now he was living under the wrong impression.

The risk involved in this particular treatment of podophobia is immense and this method may not actually work for people who are extremely fearful. It involves a great deal of mental pain.

also helps to curb fear of feet ailment, but in the end, it may fail to have any concrete impact.

Curing fear of feet with self help NLP techniques
Self-help Neuro Linguistic Program successfully performs in treating conditions of foot phobia. However, it is the fastest and the trusted way of curing fear of feet.

Self help NLP skills help you to create reality for yourself and thus it becomes easy for you to rebuild your mental “constructs” and exercise a better control over your sentiments and emotions in life.

Therefore, you no longer need to keep your feet covered all the time because self-help NLP techniques are there to rescue you from an unwarranted condition of fear of feet.

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