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Eating/body problems
by: Anonymous

Well if someone's wrists become fat, commonly it means that they are obese or overweight. The bloated wrists is a symptom of that.
It seems like you're more afraid of gaining weight, so much weight that your wrists swell up.
I used to have disordered body thinking and problems with eating. Each day I would literally take my thumb and middle finger and make sure they fit around my wrists. It was my little measurement of sorts to make sure I wasn't getting fat.
If I were you I would look into the eating disorder aspect of it. I'm not saying you have one but that was a symptom of my weight problems.

by: Anonymous

That's huge! 7 inches!

small wrists
by: Anonymous

You are worried about large wrists. The average wrist size is 7.0.
Stop worrying.

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