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I'm the same
by: james

Ever since I can remember when ever a ball goes past me or even someone runs past me I have a uncontrollable flinch and I automatically ball up and wont move for at least 5 minuets

Me to
by: Anonymous

I cant stand going faster than 40 in a car and forget about any kind of rolecoster or anny ride that goes faster that i can run.

me too
by: Anonymous

I have a fear of fast moving objects too. At my school i am being forced to take volley ball classes but as soon as someone hits the ball my brain goes completely blank, i tense really bad and it either hits me or goes right past me and everyone teases me cause i get so panicked my fingers move like crazy and i get scared to look up and i can't talk with out stuttering or sometimes at all

you're not alone
by: Anonymous in TX

i'm so grossed out by veins! i can hardly stand to say or hear or see the word much less the actual thing. i cringe and i start breathing real fast and then i have this intense urge to shake my hands out like to somehow shake them off,,,its really weird and i've stopped letting people know because they think its funnny to start saying the word around me or worse to show me their,,,,,eeew can't type it any more,,,you know the word,,,,they do it just so i can react,,,

fear of driving fast
by: Melissa

It doesn't sound like you are crazy to me. I get afraid when I'm riding in a car and my parents stomp on the gas pedal. Has anything bad ever happened when you expierence one or both of your fears? If nothing bad has happened, maybe that could give you a little peace of mind. Sometimes I get a little nervous when my class plays ball games like baseball, softball and tennis, too. But for that fear of veins, it made me wonder if you are afraid of blood. I hope this comment helps you.

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