Fear of Falling Showerheads

ever since i was young i've always thought that when i take a shower the showerhead will fall off and hit me! Not only that but i'm afraid of looking at the arm of the shower without a showerhead while the water is running.So everytime i take a shower,every few secondes i look up/back at the showerhead also i cannot take showers at hotels because of the same reason and i find the showerheads scary. i think the more bigger the showerhead the heavier so it has a higher chance of falling off.
Also i try not to take too long if i'm showering with hot water because i thnk the steam/hot water will loosen the head and sometimes i think the whole arm will come out of the shower and hit while water sprays everywhere! my parents don't know my fear and my sisters think i'm stupid bu i get really paranoid even when the shower is off! sorry if this is so long but i'm also scared of the electric fans that are on the ceiling because think it will also fall on me,make weirdo noises,spark or stop working so yeah if you have the same phobia please comment,i even searched on google and there is only a few people

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