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Shower heads
by: Paul

Have you ever had an experience with this happening? Any idea what triggered this. I don't have this specific fear, but many aspects about bathrooms, especially public but sometimes private/home ones, have induced fears. This scenario actually happened to me once and it was quite disconcerting. I also remember watching a made for TV movie a long time ago, over 20 years ago,about this teenage girl who had some sort of mental illness. There is a scene where she is taking a shower and basically, for lack of a better term, goes crazy, and rips off the showerhead and the water comes directly out of the pipe. It was uncomfortable. I don't remember anything else about this movie, except that scene has been stuck in my head. Also, do not ever read the book or watch the movie of Stephen King's IT.

I'm terrified of showerheads
by: Gloria

I can't look at them. Shower curtains at friends' houses must be closed if I use the bathroom. I never shower anywhere but my house. A showerhead falling out of the wall sounds awful! That's not why I'm afraid of them, though. I'm just afraid of all showerheads besides my own. So.. Our fears are sort of similar!

Same Phobia of Shower heads and fans!!!
by: Anonymous

I seriously have both of the same phobias!!!! No lie I thought I was the only person in the world with the same fear of shower heads and fans in the bathroom!!! When I was a kid I would always ask my Mom to come into the bathroom with me if I had to go in a restaurant bathroom and was not sure if there was a fan in there... My Mom would be like... Your old enough to go yourself... But I never would because I would be afraid the fan in the bathroom would be to loud or old especially if it was over the toilet! How crazy is that!!!!

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