Do You Suffer From Fear of Failure?

Fear of Failure
There are many people who deny believing in the fact “no risk no gain” because they are so much obsessed with failure fear. Running a business of your own is like a dream come true, but most people are afraid of taking the responsibility of an independent profession because they always suffer from the fear of failure.

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People who are too worried about job security and steady paycheck will never like to be involved in an independent profession. They suffer from the apprehension that if there is a sudden fall in income then their life style would be affected to a great extent and they wouldn't be able to maintain their standard.

You suffer from fear of failure not only in job related matters but also in case of relationships, examination and personal life. There are may people who deny to get married only because they are afraid that they might fail to fulfill their responsibilities and end up being unworthy husbands and fathers.

Students who are too much worried about their success in the examination keep on being panicky till the day of result declaration. Some become so tensed and afraid that they start having the feeling that they are sure to lag behind in the competition of being the best in the lot.

This fear cripples their psyche that they can even go to the extent of committing suicide.

Remember, when you are successful, you become contented in life. Your zeal of putting up a fight is finished. When you fail, you become adamant for success and it is your craze for attainment that takes you higher and higher.

What happens when you suffer from fear of failure

  • You feel weak and deficient and you are devoid of self worth and self confidence

  • You feel like sitting at a side absolutely helpless and dejected

  • You go on working in a concern where you have little job satisfaction

  • You are afraid to take major decisions in life

  • At times you feel angry, jealous and envious when you see others progressing

  • It seems like you lack the courage to make your dream a sheer reality

How to combat fear of failure

With self help NLP techniques, you come to realize that failure makes you more strong to fight the battle of life. When you fail, you become wise and thus you can proceed with more knowledge and experience.

With NLP self help procedures you learn to be more adventurous and bold and thus you can fearlessly face fear of failure in life.

NLP self help methods change your “mental constructs” and enables you behave optimistically, which is very essential in combating fear of failure.

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