Fear of eternity

by Christina

I had a nightmare last year that I will never forget. The dream was I died, and awoke in a dark grey room, with this dark grey mist surrounding me. I felt more alive than before I died, and I heard God say that I will be stuck in this room for eternity alone for my sins. Then i saw a figure in white exit the room and shut the door. There was no door handle only a slab of a door sealed. I started thinking of my daughter and my mom, and realized that I will be awake for eternity alone and missing my family in this room! When awoke I screaming and covered in sweat, the dream was SO real, I think it was a warning from God. I realized when I woke up from that vision, that this life is not the real life...once we die that is when life starts...eternal life! Ever since then I try to block out what happened, but I have a fear of when I will meet the grey foggy void of eternity in a room alone.

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