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not alone
by: Anonymous

i thought i was the only one!

by: Hobo

Ur not alone I have a friend who is petrifed of e.t.

by: Anonymous

Have had this same fear all my life ... and also a fear of closets because of him!

by: Anonymous

How might you get over a fear of E.T do you think?

Im Not Alone!!
by: Anonymous

The first time i watched E.T. I was about 6, my dad said it was a good funny kid movie and so i sat in his lap and he started the movie. He said i liked it! I Laughed at some parts even. Up until the sick seen. I started Bawling and screaming so my dad turned it off. I had nightmares for YEARS for a short perid of time i forgot he existed, up until a month ago. My dad has been trying to get me to watch it latly and when he said "We need to watch E.T" For the first time in Years, all the gross pictures and dreams floded back into my mind. I dont really have nightmares about him anymore, i just have trouble falling alseep. It seams like he is standing at the edge of my bed and any second he is going to pop his head up. I dont remember what his scream is like really, just HIS FACE scares me.

Everytime we watch the Grinch stole crismas i run into another room close my eyes and plug my ears until the E.T. ad is over.

Lucky for me most of my friends dont know what E.T. is (We are all 11) so they cant make fun of me. Last night my dad treatend to by and eletric glowing finger and walk into my room and wake me up! I got so mad at him!

My dad says my Aunt LOVES E.T. and that she saw it in theaters 12+ times! I went to her house once and was looking through her basket of Smurf toys and as i was digging i saw something HORRIBLE at the bottom of ther basket. AN E.T. ACTION FIGURE. I screamed (Nobody heard me :P) covered it back up and left the room trying not to cry. My dad says she has a stuffed E.T. too but i dont now were it is and i have never seen it THANK GOD.

I would actualy watch the movie, it sounds good, if i didnt have to see or hear E.T. I shivered as i read through all the other comments and i was paranoed there was a photo of E.T. on here. I was also scared there might be a photo as i looked up, how to get over a fear of E.T.

I cant look at a picture of him without Freacking out and Bawling, hes THAT SCARY to me. Even listening to the song E.T. By Katy Perry gives me the creeps.

Is there anyway to get over this fear WITHOUT watching the movie?

I had E.T. Phobia
by: Anonymous

I saw the film for the first time when I was three almost four at my grandmothers house. She had the VHS and thought I'd love the movie. Now I don't remember how I reacted to the movie then, my grandmother said I was fine until the scene where he is sick, pale, and bloated by the river. But forever reason, I became terrified of him. It was seriously controlling my life. I figured out around five or six that the Universal Logo meant that I might see a commercial for E.T. so I really only watched Disney (no commercials) or movies I knew he would not be in... I remember going to some movie memorabilia museum when I was about 8 with my class and there being a life size E.T. model and FREAKING OUT so badly my mother had to pick me up from school. Then of course, my whole third grade class remembered it and I was of course made fun of.

I know I had several nightmares almost every night. Most of them being when he was sick in the woods... I think it seized down a bit but when I was about 11 or 12 they released E.T. and I was in Jr. High and just stopped watching TV because of the trailers. I was 13 years old, and would just shut down if I saw anything E.T. related. It was embarrassing. My parents of course never took this serious...until I got into my teens and was still just as terrified. So the summer before my freshmen year of High School they sat down and mad me watch the whole movie (I had never watched the whole movie since I was 3...but had distinctive memories of scenes). Now I watched it under the covers, like you would a horror movie. I was scared the whole time...but I kind of saw that the movie wasn't as scary as I had played it out to be in my mind. That being said I am now almost 21 and will NOT watch the scene with him sick...but I no longer go around living my life afraid of E.T. Sounds ridiculous but...I've seen things where people are afraid of peaches.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I'm no longer terrified of him but I still dislike him. I don't know what it is but I just cant stand to see him. I can see any other alien movie but E.T. is the only one that creeps me out.

E.T in my cupboard
by: DEb

Im 36 and still terrified of E.T. Mine started whiel watching the film at about 7 , my cousins and mum were all crying when he leaving and i was crying cos i couldnt wait for him to go...i was terrifed. The ball rolling back out of the garage scene , the fingers around the door scene and the cornfield scene have all stuck in my head like it was yesterday i watched it.

After i had seen the film that night i went to bed terrified of the concpet that E.T could be sat in our garage, that night I awoke and could see something red glowing in my cupboard so after much psyching myself up i went to investigate...and there he was E.T with his heart glowing red, i ran downstairs to my parents screaming that E.T was in my cupboard, they didnt believe me and laughed. When i finally returned to my room he was not there anymore as an adult what i dont understand is if i had dreampt he was in my cupboard why at no point did i wake up....i ran straight downstairs to my i cannot think of any logical explanation for this.

Theres a few more times ive heard him and was a ball did roll down our garden from nowhere (i was 16 when this happened and when i ran in the house screaming my parents accused me that i was on drugs- i was not).

Sop my fear of E.T has stuck ive tried numerous times to overcome this fear but it does not work, now as i write this Im sweating and looking around the room . :(

i dont like e.t.
by: girlygirl

im so glad im not alone! im 12 years old and cant stand the movie,my family says its a cute movie etc but when i saw the movie i was about 3 years old and i cried my eyes out running into a bedroom holding my baby doll it has scared me since.i will think that e.t. was in my basement eating twinkies and in my closet,under my bed and i think one day he will come down my hallway with his chubby turd like body putting his stupid finger on my head! my brother laughs at this but i'll get over it hopefully..

by: Rosemary

I confessed earlier on the forum that I was frightened of ET. However, I thought 12 years had been long enough and I would be brave and try to watch it - but with some rules:
- no sound and sitting far away from the computer screen with my fiance who had control of the film.

Even from the opening credits, I was shaking and clinging onto the duvet with my eyes just peeking over the top. As it went through the opening scene, I was shivering and listening to my own deep breathing as things started coming back to me. I tried to continue, but as soon as the boy first uncovers him at his home about 20 minutes in, I screamed. The only positive feeling was when I saw my fiance almost leaping when I screamed. It made me smile after.

Unfortunately, I seem to be struggling even more now that I've actually tried watching it - such as switching off red flashing lights at night and I keep remembering parts of the film I hadn't thought about for quite some time.

Reading through the forums, I couldn't help noticing that quite a few people at the age of 6 developed the fear of 'IT', even if they liked him before/skipped parts of the film etc. - and we're still afraid of him.

I would recommend not letting kids see it until they're at more of an age where they will understand what exactly is going on. At that age, all they remember is small flashes of both vital and non-vital scenes, parts of music and the most prominent atmospheres during the story. One example for me is the very first scene (the forest bit) and when he turns white (eurgh)... and that's when they get scared.

I feel a bit stupid having a real phobia of something that seems so silly and childish, but we must be thankful that it's not real. I've been reassured there's currently NO REMAKE being made, so unless that is incorrect (not likely), it won't affect the way we generally behave.

On the thought of there being one, I have to say I would want to unplug myself from technology completely. I fear this phobia will never go away...

Overcame..I think
by: CC

I used to watch the movie like most others with no problems at first...or so my mom says. One day my older sister developed a phobia of him and being the baby brother I followed the lead and became scared as well. I used to always hide behind the couch because my mom thought I still loved it but was terrified. For atleast 10 years I had night terrors of him atleast once a week or more. Once I woke up looking into the window screaming unable to move dreaming I had seen his white face looking in. Bad deal. Faced the fear one day not by choice in my junior high science class. I was always a quiet kid and didn't want people to learn my phobia. Sat through the movie laying my head down on the desk at times but made it through. I'm over it now, but definitely would rather watch something else if it's on tv. I'm a 23 year old graduate and still dream of him on occasion

RE: To "Fear of E.T."
by: Anonymous

I'm 14 years old and I still am scared of E.T. but I am obsessed with horror movies and can watch any kind of horror movie. I even find humor out of horror movies but I can watch E.T. because of his long neck...I have an embarrassing fear of long necks, mascots, getting chased,and getting kidnapped(its happened before but I was taken away and raped).

My friends make fun of me for my weird fears and one year a bunch of my friends and I went to a hockey game. A few of my friends had the mascot of the team we we're cheering for, chase me around the arena. I cried after. That's how bad my weird fears have gotten and its a weak point for me because people in my school like to bully me. Sometimes they chase me around the school, sometimes they put pictures of people with long necks on my stuff and in my locker. It sucks.

E.T... Friendly or Friendly Nightmare
by: Marielle L.

OMG I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!!!! ever since i was 4 years old, E.T has haunted me FOREVER!!!!! Anytime anyone says "E.T" i literally brake down and cry!!! And as all of you know E.T is *supposed* to be very kind and loving; which he is to most people, just not me and all of u out there. People always come up to me and wave their finger in my face and yell "E.T phone home". Ive written about this 10000000 times but i like to complain. I think i need to just make this alien disapear forever...dont u think!! An anytime I *TRY* to watch the movie on T.V I always seem to turn it on right when he's all white and sick *shivers* which makes me cry even harder. *****HELP*****

Stupid Movie.
by: Anonymous

I know that everyone on here is saying, 'I thought I was the only one!' and 'Me too!' but really, I've been thinking that ever since I find this webpage.

My story began when I was two years old. Now, I don't remember much of watching it except for brief memories of the movie, but it was absolutely fine for me to watch it at first. Then, the older I got, the more scared I became. I remember muting the movie when he'd scream, or any other 'scary' parts, but it was mostly the cornfield scene. Bah.

I've had nightmares on and off since I was four. I would run into my mother's room, crying, because of my dreams. I'd always try to watch the movie and get over my fear, but I'd always lapse back into it.

My family even made me go on the E.T ride in Universal Studios. It scared me half to death, and I was bawling my eyes out half the time, especially when he said my name at the end. Right now, the back of my neck is tingling and I keep looking around the room, paranoid.

I am sixteen now, and haven't had a dream since I was thirteen years old (and I most certainly hope it stays that way). I don't completely freak out like I used to, but I still refuse to watch the movie. I don't understand how people can think he's 'kind' and 'cuddly'. *shudders*

Scared the dignity outta me
by: Persephone

So glad to hear I'm not the only one! When I first saw the movie, at age five, I loved it. I would watch it over and over! Then, when I was six, I'm not sure what happened, but I became terrified. I slept in my parents bed until I was nine, and even then i would still have nightmares. I'm 13 now and I thought I was completely over my fear of the alien, but it still haunts me. It's mostly his voice that scares me. What about you guys?

I know how you feel...
by: Jocelyn

Im 15 and i live in canada. I used to love E.T when i was little , untill on my 6th birthday i had an awful dream about him that changed me. Ever since then , when people talk about him or if i see a picture , i feel sick and have a hard time breathing. Alot of kids tease me about it aswell. I acctually thought i was the only one.

E.T. is horrible
by: pixiespymagic

I too had a horrible fear of E.T. I was 4 when I saw the movie and for years after that I would have nightmares about him. It was the same dream over and over again. He would come into my room and touch me with those creepy long glowing fingers. I still remember racing to my parents room, thinking he was chasing me down the hallway. I will have "the E.T. dream" maybe once a year now. However, now that I'm older I kill him in the dream. He can no longer "phone home". A samuri sword does quite a bit of damage to his ugly brown body.

It makes me tremble.
by: Anonymous

So the film is on ITV1 now and I can't even turn the telly on because I'm terrified it somehow may turn that channel on.

The first time I came across this film I was 2, and it struck me straight away. That night when I was drifting off to sleep, and I swear it felt so real, I felt/imagined ET licking the back of my neck and I screamed as loud as I could, but couldn't get my voice out and I felt paralysed.
I'm 19 now and I still have reccurring nightmares about it. The image that haunts me the most is when it's lying half dead in the stream, it makes my pulse race and I tremble in fear. It's the scream, the way it moves, basically everything about it. So glad I'm not the only one. I really want to get over this fear.

Wow, I thought I was the only one!
by: Anonymous

Even typing or thinking about the name of this character makes my heart race.

I'm 21 now, and I used to (at about 5) love watching this movie, but something happened one day when I was watching it with my sister (I remember seeing the opening credits and screaming in tears running away).

I still don't turn the TV on a Christmas in case it is being played as a re-run and its stopped me going to the cinema for the last 15 years (as I worried they might advertise a re-make)... ¬_¬

Now I become paralysed with fear if I see it, but its nice to know I'm not the only one with this fear. But it's odd that any other aliens are fine, sci-fi, etc... I have no other fears but this one.

All I can say is best of luck to everyone in getting rid of this terrifying fear.

So glad I'm not alone
by: JennO

I am 27 years old and still deathly affraid of E.T. I remember first seeing the movie when I was in kindergarden. I was at a friends house and as soon as the scene came on with the screaming through the fields I lost it. I went into a panic. I was able to watch the rest of the movie and then again got freaked out beyond belief when he gets sick and turns white. I have chills now just thinking of it. Every night after seeing it I would have nightmares and believe E.T. was in my closet. I would stare at my closet and cry for my Mom. I had bunk beds and would sleep on the top bunk with my younger sister who is also very affraid. We can not watch this movie to this day. I start to have panic attacks just thinking about the idea of seeing the movie accidently on T.V. My friends laugh at me and think I'm crazy. One of them even bought me an E.T. doll at a flea market and left in on my front porch to scare me. I almost had a heart attack when I discovered it. I wouldn't go outside until he came and removed it from my propery. I thought one day my fear would go away but after all these years I am still petrified. At least I know there are other's that are just as scared.

thank you
by: Natasha

i feel sooo much better now that i know i am NOT the only one afraid of E.T. i think i even watched the movie when i was young but now i am terrified. i saw an ad on tv for E.T. and i freaked out. SCARY STUFF

by: Anonymous

The first time I saw that movie was when I was around 8....everything was fine until that scene with him screaming when Elliot parts the bush.

At first I became obbessed. I borrowed the book from my school libary and stuff like that. Then it just got serious...I didnt want to leave my room at night and i began to have a bed wetting problem which i got put on medication for. I used to tie my closet together.

I remember a particular instant when my family decided to be really cruel. I was about ten at this time, and it came onto tv again. I had been very careful not to watch it. They hooked the tv up to a sound system until it blared through the whole house. I have memories of screaming curled up in a ball still in my head. Another time we went to a toy store at it was ET themed, and I had to stand there while they pressed and tested toys.

i think what scares me most is his voice. i cant stand it. i was told over and over as a child that it was only a 90 year old smoker. i still hated it.

he still scares me, and im not ready to watch the movie again. but someday im bound to run into it. if i do, im going to be as strong as i can.

I Can't Watch Him
by: Tom Holding

its strange im 18 now and my fear of ET still remains..

the reason why was when i was 2 .. the ET head popped up on a wide screen just as a i turned round ..

to this day i dare not to look at images , dvd covers and especially not the film. i want get over it .. but its difficult ..

add me on killerboy92 at to give advice

by: Anonymous

I have been super afriad of et since I was a little kid. I used to write on my christmas list "Please santa, don't bring me anything with ET" cause I thought i would die if I was surprised. I never watched "How the Grinch stole Christmas" (the newer one with jim carrey) because of the ET add at the beginning. Now I can kind of watch the movie, but I stay up all night because I have intense dreams about him near my bed. If I am ever surpised by him, I plug my ears and hide behind things. I yell for someone to make him go away. (im almost 16 now).

by: Anonymous

Ohmygosh! I thought i was the only one! Im 13, and I saw E.T. when i was 6. I had nightmares for a month after watching it, and still i can't even look at a picture of E.T. without having a panic attack. i know how you feel!

im 32
by: Anonymous

i watched e.t when i was 3 at the cinema and ended up on special medicine so i did not have nightmares , but i am watching the movie right now with my 2 year old daughter who seems to love him. i am no longer scared.

I am SO scared of him!!!
by: Katie

The first time I saw E.T. was when I was 2. My Mum says I used to like it and giggle at it and stuff, but now... I've never been so terrified of anything in my life.
The weird thing is, I can watch the film alright. I actually LIKE the film to a certain extent. Whenever I watch it, I have to mute it when he screams and look away at certain points and I think, whilst watching it, "I'm fine!" but I know later on, at night, I'd regret it.
I have an over-active imagination so things close to what @Caitie 2 experienced happens to me. Not quite as scary, though. (By the way, I'm crying because of that story... Call me silly but that's the scariest story I've ever heard o.O).
I'm 16 now and because of E.T. I'm scared of the dark. You never know what you might see in the dark corners...

I got over my fear of ET
by: Cathy

I have been majorly scared of him since i was very young to the point where I would often stop breathing, faint, scream my lungs out etc! I am now 20 and was absolutely terrified until yesterday when it was on television. I made myself watch it with my boyfriend sat next to me (I WAS SO SCARED) and at parts I was so scared I could have cried. But by the end, I had gotten used to ET and honestly, I am not scared anymore. I could see how harmless he was, despite being so scary looking.
To be honest though, he would still shock me if he popped up on tv when im not prepared or something, but watching it really helped me overcome the fear. Id advise you to try it if you feel ready. I hope you all are doing okay :) x

Thank goodness
by: Makenzie

Thank goodness I'm not the only one after reading some of these comments I feel a little better I really thought I was te only one. Wen I was 5 my teacher gave me his sticker on my paper of him holding up his finger I'm 12 now and have been scared ever since my friends and family don believe there is such thing as being scared of a nice alien so they think it's funny to hold up there finger and say " E.T phone home" and when they say that I try to close my ears cause I really don't think it's funny to make jokes about something someones scared about so they always joke about it anyway. I'm releived I'm not the only one going through this I really am!

Is there a name for this?

by: Anonymous

I have always been afraid of him as well. I'm 20 now and still terrified.

ET Phobia comment
by: Rosemary

When I was about 6, I used to draw pictures of him - but there was one bit that I didn't like and always left the room for. Unfortunately, I witnessed that part one day and ran out the room screaming. 10-11yrs later, friend of mine puts a picture of him on facebook and it made my heart leap. I always want to shut my eyes, ears and run away. I really want to shift it...but I can't. But I'm reassured that I'm not the only one=)

by: Caitie 2

When I was 3 I had a really high fever and I used to hallucinate when my fevers would go up. I remember sitting up in my bed, looking out of bedroom, across the hall, where I had a clear shot of my sister's closet. The closet door opened, and in the darkness a figure came through the doors and stood at the entrance to my door. I could see that it was E.T. and I shot underneath my covers. I waited, and then when I looked out from under them he was standing at the foot of my bed. I remember vividly, opening my mouth to screen, and he dropped his mouth open to scream back at me. Everytime I screamed, he screamed at the same time. It was HORRIFYING. I finally got enough courage to charge at him, and of course ran through him because I was hallucinating, and ran into my parents room. Thinking about that even now makes me want to vomit

Fear of E.T.
by: Caitie

I am 23 years old now, saw the film with I was about 3.. To this day on occassion I have a nightmare where E.T. is in the dream and I am compelled to hurt him, to protect myself from him. It may sound like a silly nightmare, but as I have matured and watched the film I still find him very startling, and it scares me to see his picture, or see movie clips. I think though that I finally have it figured out for myself. When I was young, my biological mother was extremely needy and relied on me for emotional support and decision making, even at a very young age. When I see E.T., I think about how helpless he was in the movie and it makes me think of my own mother, constantly needing me. On the other hand, he is creepy looking and I think his emotional neediness (like when he turns white and gets sick) is what scares me the most.

me too!
by: Kathryn

oh gosh, Ive been terribly afraid of him ever since i was five, i saw a few minutes of the movie and had nightmares for years after that! I'm sixteen years old and I'm still afraid of him! my friends find it amusing and like to make E.T. impressions, i have to make them check in every closet, under tables and hallways before i open my eyes and unplug my ears.

feaer of e.t
by: Anonymous

oh my god i felt so stupid because i thought i was alone..
his finger really creeps me out and that creepy voice

Don't Worry
by: Jess

I'm 17 and ET scares me to death at one point i even caused myslef to be in such distress i went to hospital.whenever someone mentions the name or imitates the movements i freak out .
Don't feel silly because everyone has a fear of something no matter how strange. from the amount of responses you have had it appears alot of people have a fear of him

im deathly afraid of him
by: scaredeel

now that is just weird cause im SOOOO scared of him. im only 13 but even though that movie came out years ago i still have nightmares about him sneaking up on me. my whole family thinks he is cool but he freaks me out SOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

im so happy that i am not the only one i dont no what it is about him but he scares me!! i rememebr this advert on ITV a couple of christmases ago and ET head pops up and his finger ;lights up and i cried and left the room. i hate him. but i no i will never see him. so all is good

how you feel now?

E.T. scares the f*** out of me...
by: Anonymous

I'm 18 and I feel the same way. Thats excactly what my family says when E.T. comes on... "Hey look E.T.!" Thats why I hate to go to Universal Studios. E.T. looks like a burnt jew from the holocaust/or a starved child. My uncle even denies the fear is real. If you look at me as a coward for this remember that I was gonna go to Armed Forces...

by: Anonymous

i'm 16 years old, and i am petrified of him, even when people imitate the finger, i shutter and my skin crawls. i went on the theme park ride in america and i had to make them stop it to get off i was that scared, i couldn't sleep for a month after that. i still can't think about it, it makes my skin crawl. i have make up that smells like the ride, and i can't wear it i'm that scared. i thought i was the only one. i have tried to make myself watch the film but i can't i dried last time i watched it and that was about a month ago, i was determined to get over him, but i can't.

E.T fearer
by: Anonymous

Omg wow haha im 15 and im still scared to death of E.T. he scares me half to death!!!!!!!!!!!! my friends forced me on his ride at universial i think? and i cried :"( im such a baby

ET is freakin scary
by: Anonymous

ET the alien from Spielberg's film is the most revolting fucking thing I have ever seen. My mother made me sit on her lap and watch the film, and I am have been deathly afraid of ET ever since. I just tried watching some YOUTUBE clips of ET and still instinctively shrieked and recoiled in disgust and anger (I am now 23 years old). I can't stand its voice, its body shape, its turdy color or texture, its human eyes, its glowy finger, its bicycle riding.

Making progress??
by: Anonymous

The first time I watched E.T. and he was screaming in the cornfield, I thought I was scarred for life. I used to fast-forward through that part too. But I also loved the movie, the book adaptation of the screenplay, the theme park ride, and I had all the trading cards from the movie. But I could never bring myself to put up the one Universal Studios poster I had with this tiny little picture of him on it. It stayed in my closet.

I used to have INTENSE nightmares about E.T. that I'll never forget, and I still have an occasional creepy dream where he'll make an appearance (I'm now 23) but at the same time I was fascinated. Kinda like my shark and aquarium fear: gives me the creeps, but I can't look away.

PS - I actually had a dream last night where my mom baked cupcakes or muffins or something and E.T. came out of my closet and stole them. Much less scary than my childhood dreams of him, but

cant stand him
by: Sarah

Defiantly thought I was the only one scared of him. Creeps me out! I dont know how old I was when I saw the movie. I'm actually terrified.I have nightmares still of him, and im 18. I used to have bad night terrors of him in my room. my friends all think im crazy. They like to joke and speak like him. even thinking about it freaks me out. if im watching an old movie and an ET preview comes on I litterly hide behind a pillow and plug my ears. Most of the time i run out of the room and make someone else fast forward movie. So glad im not the only one.

I'm scared too!
by: Becca

The movie came on when I was 5yrs old, my mom and cousin were watching it. I'm 24 now, when I was 5 I ran out of the room screaming, and whenever I see E.T on the T.V I scream, my mom will send me pics of him to joke around, and I will throw my cell phone and scream. I had a friend chase me around with an E.T piggybank and I had a panic attack! He is not cute, he looks like a little person who was in a serious burn accident -shivers- I've ran away from his picture and his voice many times. It sucks, but what can we do? I tried to get over it. But, eh..I just avoid him at all cost.

by: Anonymous

aaahhh....! me too! i can't believe there are other people with ETphobia!

Fear of ET
by: Kesh

Hey, your not alone!

I am almost 24 years old and I am petrified of aliens, especially ET! If I see a picture or hear anything from the movie I go cold and feel sick and feel the need to run away...generally freak out! I dont know how i got this fear. I do vaguely remember watching the movie a good few times before i was 9 but dont remember much of my past before then so perhaps i am relating it to something that happened around the time i used to watch it, or perhaps i just developed the fear randomly! Who knows!

Some of my friends still make jokes about it now and again...point the finger at me etc, but if you speak to them and tell them that it is a real phobia and that you are not kidding, your friends will respect it and not bring it up (if they can help themselves!)

So, dont worry, your not on your own. Just keep telling yourself what I have to keep telling myself - IT IS NOT REAL!!


Fear of ET
by: Anonymous

hello. i am 36 yrs old and i cant stand ET...
i know how you feel....

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