Do You Suffer From Fear Of Escalator?

Fear of escalator is a very common phenomenon and it affects a large portion of the population. If you have this fear, you will never feel like riding an escalator as you are afraid that just one step on the machine and you are sure to fall.

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The whole process is absolutely stressful. Moreover, if you have no other option other than using the escalator in reaching your everyday destination then it is a horror for you to have a ride on these dancing steps.

With fear of escalator, everyday when you go out of the house, you pray to God that this should not be your last day on earth.

How do you feel when you have fear of escalator?
You are afraid of being trapped with lots of people on the escalator. You are afraid that something might happen as so many people are standing in such a confined space.

You feel horrified with the thought that what will happen to you if the escalator fails in any way.

You avoid looking at your feet and you do not keep a watch from where you are coming and going.

You tend to keep your eyes closed and want to divert your attention by humming a tune or counting forward and backward. You keep a track of the steps to feel safe and secured.

Fear of escalator falls under the category of fear of heights or acrophobia. Here the person stays extremely afraid and anxious of high elevation.

Some of the common symptoms of this particular phobic type include rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, muscle tension, a hot flushed feeling, sudden trembling and relentless feeling of fear.

People who are afraid of heights not only avoid riding in escalators, but they also feel disinclined to climb on tall buildings, ladders, mountain roads, amusement rides and other places of great height.

Treatment of this phobic condition
Fear of escalator can be treated by making use of several therapies and treatment procedures. However, the best way to treat the condition is the use of NLP techniques.

Self-help techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming enable you to convince yourself, face reality and act boldly in life. It helps you change your mental “constructs” and think positively before riding an escalator.

The rightful use of NLP self help procedures and a bit of effort on your part is sure to eliminate all possible chances of fear of escalator.

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