Fear of eating with plastic.

by Niko

i have this problem where i can't eat with plastic cutlery. i would rather just not eat in general. what i have recently started doing is bringing silverware with me in my purse for those just in case moments. certain containers i cant drink out of either. i need a glass cup, a ceramic mug, or a standard twist off cap water bottle. other than that i will not drink. unless its straight out of my own hands. plastic bowls and plates are a no go as well. paper plates are acceptable in certain circumstances such as birthday parties or picnics. if i have to eat out of anything plastic. including Tupperware and the utensils, i will take an extra big piece and i make sure my mouth doesnt touch the plastic or i might vomit. those last few bits at the bottom of the Tupperware container i will not touch. anything touching the sides of the container, plate, or bowl will go untouched. i have a problem and i fear im the only one.

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