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by: Anonymous

I just typed in google "Am I the only one who has a fear of cake?" and all I found was you guys. I mean, really? Seriously. I felt like a complete idiot as it is and went to google for some reassurance from countless people on a million forums and all I found was this!!!! But still, comforting. I hate all cake , especially sponge oh my god sponge is a nightmare to me I rather suffocate in my boyfriends used hanky then even look at a sponge cake. So many bubbles!!!! People who make sponge cake are so wrong. I feel like someone is ripping the skin off my back when I think of cake. It's kind of like nails on a chalk board feeling. I just wish it was never invented . I love life but I hate cake. Pointless disgusting moist sponge crap. Adios

by: Anonymous

Me too but for me its all cake, muffins, banana bread!
i have never heard of anyone else with this Phobia. Have you ever been able to get over it?

sponge cake!
by: Natalie

i can eat bread but my god!
sponge cake
makes me gag
i get tears in my eyes at the thought of even having to smell it
just like the cream and the jam and the sponge
sends tingles down my spine
and give me mega head spins
im with ya buddy!

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