Fear of eating near mannequins

by mike the writer

growing up my family frequently went to a restaurant where there were a number of mannequins around the dining room. not creepy to most people, but i would actually lose my appetite after looking at the mannequins even though the food was great. i tried to express my feelings to my parents but they laughed it off, understandably. i forgot about this phobia for nearly 20 years until i was eating dinner in a new restaurant with my girlfriend and suddenly lost my appetite despite having been incredibly hungry. there were the mannequins, and i hadn't even consciously acknowledged their presence. i also expressed my phobia to her and was again told it was silly. i know it's silly but i've never met or found online anyone else with this phobia. it is not a phobia of mannequins, i can stand next to or hold a mannequin in a store but i would never have one in my house because i would never eat or be hungry. weird, i know.

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