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As far as i can remember
by: Jerry

It;s actually incredible to find another with this same phobia.
I actually will not frequent a diner,fast food or anything that is near a store which showcases mannequins in their windows.Wig shops are worst,i literally get nausea.To this day i have not been able to find a way to get around it.Its been 25 plus years!

I know what you mean
by: Cassie

You know what? I still have that same thing going on, but with dolls.. It happened ever since I was 5. and now my daughter has one but I tell my boyfriend to get rid of it because it grosses me out, I never thought anybody had this problem like I did, I thought I was the only one. I know other people would think its weird. Now I prefer my daughter to have stuffed animals only.

phobia on mannequins/dolls
by: Rebecca Y

I'm having the same phobia too since i was very young.Preschool age. Mannequins and dolls with faces are just the most scary invention on earth.I remember i was having a nightmare about the mannequins in the store waving hands at me and tried to catch me when i get nearer. So until now, i don't even dare to look at one or get near with one and i guess touching one will probably send me to instant heart attack.

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