Fear of eating insects, especially moths and spiders

by Lex

i also have a horrible fear of eating insects, especially moths and spiders. whenever i see a moth i cover my mouth and dont speak untill i know it's gone and feel sick.
my only expieriences that i think could have caused this is from when i was a kid my cousin accidently swallowed a moth, puked and the moth was there, fluttering and FLEW AWAY.
also because people say you swalllow 8 spidders a year, yeah that thing. well if i ever feel something n my throat i just panic so much and sometimes vomit because i have a slight aracnaphobia too, and the thought of having a spider crawling inside me makes me sick. i mean imagine it. crawling dow your throat. i dont even know if it's true. but i dont want it to be verified. at all.

also, i dont know if this is connected buy i feel ALMOST as bad about a wasp/bee flying into my ear.

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