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true, true!
by: maria

Ok I am also like that. However, I only have to use plasticwear. I am alright with silverware, but it grosses the hell out of me! Eww! I have to deal with it though, bc of camp ect... its like I have a VERY mild case of this fear. I would like to know what its called too.

It may be OCD
by: Anonymous

It really depends. While I have OCD & I like to check something's clean before I use it & can't touch something someone with "germs" (like a cold or stomach bug) has touched without cleaning it with anti-bacterial cleaner, when at my parents house, when my Dad's done the washing up, everybody double checks! He doesn't pay attention & leaves "bits" on them. But for me, having worked in the NHS in the UK, their hygiene course has been both a blessing & a curse for me! On the curse part, I'm even more aware of germs than most people with OCD & learned things that have made me never want to shake the hands of certain people ever again, not without washing them before eating or touching my lips or around my lips! However, on the blessing side of things, I've also been able to develop coping mechanisms that I can be sure will work, I've proved they work, having been the only person in houses that I've lived in that's not developed bugs that everyone else in the house has! What it came down to was paying attention to what I'm doing with my hands, washing or using handgel before touching my lips or eating, & if I touch someone who I found out can be a risk, washing or using handgel on my hands. Handgel is my saviour & if I put out the bins or do something equally dirty, I wear disposable (non-latex) gloves as well (well the powder is a pain, so you have to wash it off! lol). OCD Godsends? Anti-bacterial handgel & non-latex (break down quicker & more completely, especially vinyl) gloves. Try it, I honestly believe you'll feel so much better. It's worked for me.

not the only one
by: Sara

Thank goodness I'm not alone..everyone thinks I'm so weird but I just cannot stand to eat off of things that other people have! I bring plastic forks with me to restaurants and obsessively check plates or glasses before using them..usually just use styrofoam cups and paper plates though. I guess it's the thought that a bowl could have once had yucky food in it..and people have put the forks in their mouth, yuck! I hate how bad it is for the environment however..

What a relief!
by: Alexis

I'm so glad to hear that you guys share my fear! I don't know if it's really a fear though. Do you guys think it could be some form of OCD or what? I don't know what I'm so afraid of, anyway. Hmm. Maybe it'll get better over time? For some reason I don't think so...

by: Sophie

I thought I was the only one! I am very similar in the way I act, I also cannot deal with using the same silverware as anyone, but if there is so other option I will take the silverware and scrub it until I consider it to be clean! As well as this I also take note as to who used that piece of cutlery last, if its someone I think to be unclean, or riddled with germs I won't go near it!

I'm very similar!
by: Michele

It is actually reassuring to see other people like me. I am not as bad as you on some points but I always wash my dish, utensils, cup, etc if it is not a disposable kind even if someone else just washed it. I dont seem to trust anyone else with what I'm about to eat with. I am like you where I will only use a straw in a restaurant. My other thing is that I will not eat leftovers at all. They gross me out. Maybe because the dish has sat for awhile in the fridge? I have no idea. Thanks for sharing your fear. Good luck with it.

Omg! I thought i was the only one!
by: KATY

I am exactly like you but maybe a little worse. I will only eat eith plastic utensils off of a paper plate while drinking out of a paper or plastic cup or bottle. I only use the fresh(new..unused) disposal items. Ive been weird like that since i was little. If someone drank out of my drink then i would give it to them or throw it away. Ill eat or drink from a glass plate or cup only if ive washed it myself and have made sure it passes the my inspection once it gets out of the dish washer!

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