Fear of eating alone and ordering food

by shan

i am scared to order at restaurants. i have to ask my family and friends to order for me, plus they like to make fun of me for it. my parents are starting to get angry and making me order for myself, and it's really embarrassing, even when they order for me, because i am a teenager. i also can't eat alone. i am usually surrounded by people when i eat so usually am alright, but if i am with a group who isn't hungry when i am, i won't eat.i dont like to eat breakfast because i have nobody to eat it with. i eat dinner alone a lot due to my schedule, and it makes me really nervous. my friends get pissed when i make them eat with me. it makes me feel better when people eat more/the same amount as me rather than me eating more than them. i really want to know if i am the only one. anybody?

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