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I hate worms or anything that resembles worms.
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have been afraid of worms as far as i can remember and 338 yrs old now, it started when i was in 4th grade every time after rain of course worms would come out, and this girl would chase me around with and and tries to put one in my shirt. I remember feeling scared half to death, i wanted to cry because of her. Well thanks to that bitch now i have a phobia, i fear going out side after it rained because i know they are all over the pavement, i cringe when i see one, and when i do see one i try to walk as fast as i can , and i would try not to step on one or i would faint if i did, even with shoes on my toes would curl up, my family thinks im being childish or silly about and they think its funny, but they dont realize it scares me half to death when i see or encounter one .

by: Soloview

I have been frightened of earthworms since I was tiny child. It is one of my earliest memories. It is quite irrational and an embarrassing phobia to confess to! I hate the way they move, the way they can't see, the way they twitch and writhe if disturbed.I think my heart would stand still if I had to pick one up! I am not scared of spiders, or anything else, just earthworms. I can't say I like snakes, but the fear of them is dfferent somehow to the fear I have of worms. I can't work out whether I detest the skinny little dark red ones or the great fat purple and pink ones more! Eeeeew!I refuse to garden unless I am wearing gloves, and even then I am always on the look-out. Most people laugh at this fear of mine and I often make fun of it myself, but it is very real. I wish I knew how it started!

by: omg

I am so afraid of earthworms that if my husband uses them when he goes fishing, I won't touch anything he has touched with his hands without sanitizing for days! If I step on one, I throw away my shoes immediately. When I see one, I become paralyzed with fear. I cannot move and all I can do is scream. Especially if I think there is one on me. My sister threw one on me once and I had an anxiety attack. I really thought I was having a heart attack. I don't go out on rainy days because i know they will come up to the top of the ground. I don't garden for obvious reasons. I can't look at pictures of them, videos of them or even hear someone talking about them. Other than my phobia of worms, I am a completely level headed person so I just can't understand this fear. To think about overcoming this fear scares me too because I know that to overcome it, I will have to touch one of them.

by: gez

Hi all i cant go out unless forced when its raining... the sight of them is bad enough but i have to walk in the road because they come out of the cracks in the pavements and the thought of standing on one is horrable..... It really delilabates my life.. i find the bigger they are the worse i am. I also hate maggots but no where to the same extent...

by: Anonymous

I am with you. The one day i was going to school and i couldnt even go outside until my mom got all of the worms out of the way. I dont know why but, I am deathy afraid of them. Im glad im not the only one!

Fear of the wormies!
by: Stu


I have the same fear. It was bad at school (boys) where kids tried to frighten each other with them. I decided I had to overcome this fear as I need to work in the garden, so I started a program. First I wore thick gloves and picked up small ones. Then I graduated on to bigger ones (still with gloves on). Then I picked up small ones without gloves (only thumb and forefinger, not on flat of hand). Gradual process, see? I still don't like them, but can just about tolerate them now , so there has been progress. Try my method - it does work up to a point. Face your fear, don't let it dominate you

Me too
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear of worms...I don't know where it came from but whenever it rains I have to force myself to not look at the ground when I'm walking outside because I have a total breakdown if I see one...

by: Keri

me too!!! i hate them with a passion. anything worm like, but not snakes. weird i know. it is really starting to cause problems for me. wish i could overcome this!

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