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by: scary

i understand.i have phobia too of thunderstorms and are some tipes that may help you to get over this(:

2.think happy thoughts then a smile will come back to you remember prey to god,god will protect you from harm

3.stop watching things that include dying or killing or death

4.hang out with friend visit your family go to the mall and stuff that should make you feel better (:

Take heart
by: Ian

have you had something on your mind or have you been reflecting on your mortality. Something, even, war in the news, especially if you cannot do anything but internalise it, can play on your mind. It's natural to reflect on mortality but but it back for 40 years, when you will have a lifetimes experience.

by: Anonymous

thats so weird cause i get the same way. ill have a period of months maybe the longest of 5-6 months of being afraid of death. i would see an older person maybe even as young as 50 and freak out. it would just scare me somehow all my thoughts went to dieing. its scary.

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