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Posative thinking
by: Anonymous

Hello my name is Bill. There was a time in my life where I would get paranoid about death but learned to let those thoughts go and think more positive. I’ve even thought suicide was better than having to go thru an extremely horrific death. I am not going to say im not scared to die because I still am. You wouldn’t be normal if it didn’t scare you a little. More than just dying I am more scared of a traumatic horrific kind of death where there is massive suffering before finally passing. Its hard to comprehend what some people had to endure before they died. It’s so sad! One can only pray for a non horrific death. There’s nothing we can do to prevent death. The best we can do is just think positive and try not to even go there. I have faced death before and will admit I started crying like a little baby saying “I don’t want to die” over and over. It was pretty scary and very helpless feeling. The only way I could describe it is, it felt like jumping off a cliff in complete darkness. Completely unsure what was coming? The only good that came out of that experience is I feel a little stronger and a little less afraid because I stood on that cliff in complete blackness. Just a bit more familiar that’s all. If it helps anyone, my father had a bad accident and lost 70% of his blood and died for a few minutes. He was revived in the ambulance. He told me he rose above his body and could see the paramedic staff working on him. He stated he started to rise toward a beautiful warm loving light and a voice spoke to him and said it wasn’t his time and that he was very upset that he was forced back into his body. Why would a father make a story up like that to his son he died a couple of years ago, he absolutely had no fear when he was on his death bed. I believe he was not scared because of his near death experience. I hope this story can helps anyone suffering from death phobia.

Believe that its going to be ok
by: Gem

hi i am going through the same problem and i know how all you guys feel i have a 4 YEAR old son and i constantly think about what if something will happen to him if i loose him i cant focus i feel sad often but i have been studying with the jehovah witnesses and i have learned alot that we need to believe that there is god and he loves us and all of those calling him for help he will help us and i have been able to read the bible and god has lots of promises and this gives me faith that he is there for me and i will get better some day also talking to psychologist might help so i know it hard not to worry but remember that god is with you and one day everything will be ok.

fear of death

Like so many others, I as well, have a great fear of death. I obsessed for several years about committing suicide because I was so afraid of dying, it may sound backwards but the thought of taking control of my own death brought me peace of mind. The only good advice that I can offer is to try to find a semblance of peace when you are thinking of death. This particular fear is not one that can be conquered easily, and those of us it preys upon suffer for years. It may very well follow you you're entire life. There is nothing wrong with that, but do what you can to fight it from controlling your life. I personally do not believe in an afterlife, many I know find peace thinking there is something after this one. I want to but I just don't feel it. Nor do I believe in God, but I like to think if there is a God out there, they know I am a good person at heart and would judge me accordingly when my time comes. Life is an amazing adventure that will allow you to feel a rollercoaster of emotions from one day to the next. There is no one true piece of advice that can ease your fears, just look into yourself and address them the best you can. And Hopefully in time you will begin to feel more at ease and capable of coping with the idea of ending of your life's journey. Remember that we all die and in that we are all united in a bond that every living thing must share. Best of luck to you, I left my email for anyone that reads this to share their stories with me. I truly understand how death makes you feel and I pray that helping ease that burden on others will ease my own unfortunate fear of demise.

by: Anonymous

A friend's 8 month old daughter passed away last week. I was devastated, attended the viewing but not the funeral because of living in a different state. Everynight i cry myself to sleep thinking about my daughters a 14 and a 10 year old. Can't imagine myself without them in my life. I can't help myself but think, what if? and i don't think i will handle it the way my friend did. i need help and i didn't tell anybody how i'm feeling :(

I am the same!
by: Julia

I had to comment as reading your blog was like reading my own life, I also am a little relieved that I now know I'm not on my own. Just recently my fear of death has gotten worse, I like you wake up in the middle of the night gasping for breath or thinking "I'm going to die and I don't want to die"
I talk to people about it but they just say well you can't do anything about it so why worry? But I can't help it, it's on my mind most of the time, I think it's the not knowing if there's anything else beyond this life that scares me, the thought of nothing forever, not existing drives me nearly insane.
Well I thought I would just let you know that you aren't alone either and if you ever want to talk just drop me a line. juethefox at

by: time is to fast

yes i have the same problem. i think of this all the time .i even dream of being in a coffin i cant sleep i know time will go that fast next thing i will be on my last breath and all wrink ed up and i dont want to die i want to stay alive .i want to live forever and whats worse is that i live alone and i havent seen my kids for over a year .i was brought back to life after an operation last year and you know i could hear everything they said.but i do know how it feels .all of a sudden i could nt breath i couldnt move or see anything.then it got worse i couldnt breath and after a while it didnt matter no more and finaly i woke up.i go to the cemetry often to visit people i know .i used to sleep on the floor of a crematorium when i had warrant after me i was sleeping on the floor with no blanket nothing but 100s of peoples ashes .and i dont want to be dead .people think im crazy.but it is frightening i cant help thinking about it ever and time is going so fast all of a sudden we will be in our death bed then lights out then we are in the ground or in the burner
and as the brain is the last thiung to die.i beleive you still think for about a month after you die .i imagine being in a coffin thinking but cant do anything like when i was boutght back to life .or even worse being in the burner and knowing what is happening and i cant do a dam thing about it,24 hrs i think of death,and being alone doesnt help.

Grief counseling
by: Anonymous


I am sorry for the lose of close friends. From experience I know what you are going through.
Sounds like you are going through the stages of grief. Suggest talk to your GP to send you to a therapist who can help you get through this.

Hope it works

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